Game Update 12.2.0

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Game Update 12.2.0

Post by Kane » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:25 pm


Hey everyone. I didn't think I'd be posting this soon after our pre-update announcement but I'm pleased to announce the release of Revision 12.2.0 "The Auction Update". If you didn't see our earlier announcement regarding it, you can find it right here. I'd like to thank the testers and admins who participated in helping extensively test 12.2.0. Before I move on to the revision, make sure to check out the latest announcements by Mmartin if you haven't!:

09 Jan 2020
Donator Update - 12.1.13

06 Jan 2020
How to join the server (Read if you have connection issues)

This revision consists primarily of new additions and changes. Some big, some small. But nonetheless, these were updates that have been long asked for, and I think you'll all like what we've done. I'd like to mention that many of the things we did in this revision were inspired and taken from the Suggestions board. I'd like to reassure you all that they do matter, and we do look at them, even if it doesn't look like it. If you've had something in your mind, there is no harm in posting it and getting feedback. I try my best to reply to them all. And now on to some of the other highlights of the revision that weren't included in the pre-update:

Faction Update

One of the newest additions to the faction system in this revision is the rank paycheck system. Each faction rank will have it's own paycheck assigned that'll be distributed from the faction's bank. This removes the default $1,500 that law enforcement factions received.

Furthermore, the MDC has also been updated in this revision. The MDC icon on the top left will now be shown with the faction's seal, the same one that is behind their character during login. LSFD now has ''roster'' support on the MDC, which gives them the ability to go on duty with a /callsign. Additionally, PD / SD will now have access to the CCTV on the MDC, and DCR will now be able to access the inmate list on the MDC.

Also included: car signs will now being saving permanently for government factions. This means the /carsign you put on a faction vehicle will be the same when the server restarts. This should help factions who like to organize their vehicles in certain ways.

Street Name HUDs

We've added a new HUD in this revision and it's for street names. This HUD will display your direction of travel and what street you're on when you're inside a vehicle. You can toggle it on and off with /togsn and choose up to 6 styles with /setstyle.

Garage Keys

You can now give out keys to your garage to other players. Whether the garage is a player, house, or business one, it doesn't matter. As long as you own a garage, you'll be able to share the access with other players. For a list of commands, see /garagehelp.

Impound Lot

This revision introduces the new Impound Lot system. This new system will allow law enforcement officers and impounders to impound your vehicle for up to 24 hours. This includes companies and factions, so be aware.

We'll also be charging the unimpound rate based on your vehicle model. This is because if you own a certain type of vehicle, you're bound to be better off financially. We'd also like it to be a burden on those who use sports cars for criminal activities. I mentioned the impoud lot in the pre-update topic but I wanted to include the prices that we've put together.

Infernus $50,000Bullet $45,000Cheetah $40,000
Elegy $30,000Sultan $16,000FCR $15,000
Others $5,000

The full 12.2.0 change-log:

  • [+] Auction System [Kane, Davis]
    [+] Knock Out System
    [+] Added back-door entrance support to property system.
    [+] In car death system. You'll no longer be removed from a car if you die in it.
    indent~> This does not apply to a BMX/bike, motorcycles or boats.
    [+] New Impound Lot in Los Santos
    indent~> You can now specify how many hours a vehicle is held in impound before it can be unimpounded (/impound).
    indent~> Your /v buypark is no longer used to hold your impound lot position.
    indent~> You can now impound faction (excludes government) and company vehicles.
    indentindent~> At each Payday, a check will be done to see if the impound time is over. If it is, the vehicle will spawn.
    indent~> Cost of unimpounding your vehicle will be based on your vehicle model.
    [+] Faction Rank Paycheck System
    [+] Garage keys. You can now give others access to your owned garage. (See /garagehelp for commands)
    [+] Street name HUD. Use /togsn to enable, and /setstyle 6 for your preference.
    [+] Added Mask ID support to majority of target-based commands. You should no longer have to reveal your ID.
    indent~> e.g: /passgun 10000_10, /givedrug 100000_10
    indent~> If you find a command that is missing Mask support, please bug report it.
    [+] Added login message if you inherit a different account faction rank. [Davis]
    [+] Callsigns will now save permanently on LEO faction vehicles.
    [+] You can now /v opendoor while a vehicle is occupied.
    [+] Added MDC roster support for LSFD.
    [+] Added /ringbell for properties which emits an audible sound to players near the entrance.
    [+] Added CCTV to /mdc for LEO factions.
    [+] MDC icon will now show the faction's seal. (LSPD, LSSD, LSFD, DCR)
    [+] Added inmate / cell view support to MDC for DCR.
    [+] If you leave the server while in a poker match, your chips will be returned to on-hand money.
    [+] You'll now retain your rental vehicle for 5 minutes if you leave the server.
    [+] DCR now has access to /wanted.
    [+] You can now post company ads from inside a business you own (Bar, Club, Casino) for an additional $500 and a minute cooldown.
    [+] Added /showcompany to display their credentials ('/badge'-like) to target player.
    [+] Megaphones will now be seen inside properties. The closer it is, the further it sends in to the property.
    [+] Your unpaid insurance fine on a vehicle will be paid if the vehicle is sold.
    [+] You can now SMS players who are offline.
    [+] Car Parts added to Miscellaneous furniture list. (Thank you, Dado!)
    [+] Lennox Avenue marked for /sn. (Thank you, Dropper!)
    [+] Adds /offerrent to individually allow players to rent at your property.
    [+] Added /anim as an alias for /anims.
    [+] Added /clearchat (/cc).
  • [~] You can now /my while brutally wounded. [Davis]
    [~] Selling your business no longer clears the /upgrade rooms.
    [~] Maximum /enter fee for Clubs is now $2,000.
    [~] You no longer need to /setrentable to use /tenants.
    [~] /damage reports will now save on log out.
    indent~> Damages only clear if you accept death and /respawnme or are revived by an admin after dying.
    [~] If you relog while executed, you will spawn in the same state, unlike before, where you're brutally wounded again.
    [~] Property entrance messages no longer show if you're in a vehicle.
    [~] You can no longer tackle On Duty Admins.
    [~] Changed /invite and /uninvite parameter message from the default error message.
    [~] Changed /operation parameter message from the default error message.
    [~] You'll now receive a NPC text message when your vehicle is impounded, rather than a client message.
    indent~> You'll receive a text message whether or not you are online as long as you have a phone number.
    [~] /v opendoor will now do an /ame to filter out chat spam.
    [~] You can no longer /unpackage if you're a level 1.
    [~] Updated /takegun and /place for LEOs to reflect gunrack.
    [~] Added error message to vehicle /takegun if nothing is there.
    [~] Trying to /takegun 4 or 5 in a LEO vehicle will say you need to be on SWAT duty instead of an invalid slot.
    [~] LSFD /callsign alerts will be sent to the faction.
    [~] PD/SD will no longer be shown 911 calls in the MDC that were only sent to LSFD.
    [~] /callsign and /duty will no longer show Mask ID.
    [~] MDC main screen will now show custom skin.
    [~] Changed /eou for DCR to /crt.
    [~] DCR will now be able to see adding charges alert.
    [~] CRT duty for DCR will now change players in to the custom skins.
    [~] Updated DCR MDC bar color to green.
    [~] Faction 9 (LSFD) will no longer see /prison broadcasts.
    [~] MDC mug shots for players will now show the custom skin they were prisoned with.
    [~] /badge will display a player's name as 'F. Lastname' instead of their full name.
    [~] You can now /takepropkey from offline players.
    [~] When buying a new clothing item, an available index will be selected.
    [~] You can no longer talk when viewing the CCTV.
    [~] No longer able to /operation players who are executed/dead.
  • [/] Addresses the weapon used field in /damages being empty if it's a Fist.
    [/] Addresses the issue with weapon skills conflicting when going /offduty.
    [/] Addresses issues of MDC cursor screen enabling when confirming /callsign on occupied unit.
    [/] Addresses usage of chat commands while brutally wounded.
    [/] Fixes security issues with the weapon system.
    [/] Fixes faction member list showing alt rank instead of character.
    [/] Fixes issue where selecting a 911 call on the MDC gave you the wrong one.
  • [-] Train from El Corona.
    [-] /cctv (supported by MDC now.)
    [-] Removes taser affect and animation applied when you fail to hotwire a vehicle.

12.2.0 will be released at 20:45 server time.

The development team thanks everyone who contributed to this revision. I hope you all enjoy this update.

If you have any questions or comments, we'll be more than happy to address them.

Thanks for reading,
Kane, on behalf of the development team.

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Theory » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:26 pm

Thank you for your service, Kane.

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by D3b0 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:27 pm

Nice Kane!!

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by unlicensed shotty » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:27 pm

Good job!

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Brace » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:27 pm


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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by risen » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:28 pm

Thank you for your service, Kane.

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Narc » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:28 pm

Good work, sick update

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by kyubi » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:28 pm

OK ese

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Justitiae » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:29 pm

Great update!

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Amity » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:30 pm

Good shit

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Cayl » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:30 pm


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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Aiden » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:31 pm


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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Ace » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:32 pm

Well done!

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by LHW » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:32 pm

Incredible work.

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Re: Revision 12.2.0

Post by Jehn » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:33 pm

Beautiful update, thanks a lot for your hard work <3


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