How to join the server (Read if you have connection issues)

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How to join the server (Read if you have connection issues)

Post by Mmartin » Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:33 pm

Hey all,

Please read This thread if you haven't yet. To sum it up, we're facing a large scale DDOS attack and we've managed to mitigate it with limited success. Last Sunday we peaked at 280 players, which is in given conditions, favorable.

Right now, we're working on a dynamic whitelist system, where we try to determine which IP addresses come from our players. While this system mostly works, it's not perfect and might detect a false positive once in a while. Here's a guide on how to maximize your chances of getting in-game:

Make sure you have the up-to-date IP address.
Add us to your favorites as ... Avoid using a direct IP address when adding LS-RP to your SA-MP client. Restart your client after adding the server.

Keep trying to connect
Your best bet at this point is to connect regardless of whether the server appears online for you. Even if you get the "Server is not responding, retrying..." messages, just hang in there - it should let you in after a few minutes of retrying. Make sure you're tabbed in and the game is in focus for this to work. While this is not a guarantee, it worked for most players.

Visit our current website
Head to ideally at least a day before attempting to connect. This won't guarantee you a spot in-game, but it will increases your chances.

Whitelist your IP manually - Not implemented yet
We're currently working on a guaranteed way for our Staff and Premium members to join the game. There's a limited amount of IP addresses we can whitelist manually, around 100-200 only, so we've opted to restrict this feature for our staff and members who've donated. While we'd want this feature to be enabled for everyone, it's currently just not feasible.

You should see a glaring red message at the top of your UCP screen if you're eligible for this whitelist (Testers, Admins, Bronze+). If you can't see it, you can try visiting it directly through

This feature is not implemented yet. I'll update you here when it is.

Hope this clears at least some of the confusion.

Kind regards,


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