Mapping Team Applications:

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Mapping Team Applications:

Post by Surreal » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:36 am


If you're experienced with mapping (exteriors, interiors) and would like to help out with the server's mapping team, feel free to send in an application to me. There's a format you can fill out, which you can find here: You can also read more about the position of Mapper in the third post down. We are interested in adding to our mapping team so people can work on Suggestions Forum suggestions, or their own ideas, and we can then add them to the server like with recent mapping additions.

If you recently sent one in the last time this was announced, feel free to send it in again to my inbox. I will work on getting any applications discussed with the existing mapping team, and get a response to you as soon as possible — whether you are accepted, or denied.

Click here to send me a private message.

Many thanks.
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