Staff Reports Update - 29 May 2016

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Staff Reports Update - 29 May 2016

Post by Surreal » Sun May 29, 2016 9:02 am



We have updated the guidelines for reporting staff members and introduced a new format to ensure that reports on staff members include all the information required upon being submitted. Ever since I became the relevant staff position to help with staff reports (4+), I have tried to ensure that any and all staff reports were handled properly and given proper review/response. The staff team constantly recruits fresh faces as Testers and Admins, and players should flag any issues that they have to ensure that we are addressing any valid problems and ensuring integrity in the staff team.

It has come to my attention, however, that a lot of reports are filed out of impulse, in the heat of the moment or due to initial frustration with an admin punishment despite the punishment being justified. I need to stress that you should have a proper think and assess the situation before jumping to file a staff report so we can ensure that we have enough time to give proper attention to any meaningful reports that are submitted. I recommend contacting a staff member directly if you have an issue with them, and trying to work out the issue with them as your first port of call. You should only file a staff report when a staff member has broken a rule, abused their position or acted improperly.

Please see the updated thread, with link:

Reporting Members of Staff
Reports on members of staff do not belong in this forum and are to be PMed to the respective people below:
  • Reports on Testers should be sent to Jakey
  • Reports on Game Admins should be sent to Surreal
  • Reports on Lead Admins should be sent to Surreal
Please use the following format when reporting a staff member:

PM Subject: "Staff Report - Their forum name"

Code: Select all

[b]Your in-game name:[/b]

[b]Staff member's forum name:[/b]
[b]Staff member's in-game name:[/b]

[b]Details of report (max 350 words):[/b]

Please take careful note of the word count in the format. Make your report concise and keep it relevant.

Once the report is received, it will then be forwarded to the respective teams that will deal with the report. Once concluded, you will be contacted with the verdict of the report. Please patiently wait for a response as these reports can take some time to investigate, but rest assured that it will be handled appropriately.

NOTE: You must attach some type of evidence on each of the report you are planning to send in. Any report without at least some sort of evidence may be closed without review.
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