Head of Legal Factions - 10 April 2016

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Head of Legal Factions - 10 April 2016

Post by Surreal » Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:54 pm



This is just a brief notice to let the community know that the "Head of Legal Factions" role has changed hands and will now be held by ObZen. He has served in many different capacities within the legal side of LS:RP and has a wealth of experience with the legal system our server follows. He has served in Law Enforcement factions, been the Deputy Mayor of Los Santos and has also served as the Solicitor General of the San Andreas Department of Justice. His experience across the board and his demeanor should benefit him, legal factions and the community in his new role.

I will take this opportunity to remind you all or make you aware of the purpose behind this staff role. The Head of Legal Factions is responsible for supervising (IC/OOC) any legal factions (e.g. LSPD, SASD, SADOC, LSFD, GOV, DOJ, etc) and ensuring that any concerns that are raised by staff, the community or between legal factions are promptly handled. He/she is responsible for ensuring each legal faction's leadership is fulfilling their responsibilities/expectations and treating their faction fairly as well as enforcing proper server rules and guidelines. If you have a complaint about a legal faction that cannot be handled by them internally, a complaint about a legal faction's leaders or a concern you want to flag regarding legal faction conduct in general etc - you can contact the Head of Legal Factions.

Congratulations to ObZen, and I look forward to what he brings to the table with his new role.

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