Event Team Update - 27 March 2016

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Event Team Update - 27 March 2016

Post by Surreal » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:00 am



Something I've been meaning to work on for a while with Bradley is the Events Team because it has the potential to bring consistent or unique roleplay experiences to the playerbase around the clock but is not really being utilised.

We have split the Event Team into "Illegal Events" and "Legal/Neutral Events" and to give us a base for the two major groups of events that can take place on the server and will allow Event Team members to focus on either one depending on their experience - with the clear separation, read below:
  • Legal/Neutral Events - these are the majority of events that take place on the server, ranging from things like: decathalons, celebrity visits, music festivals to natural disasters like the earthquake event we have had in the past. They involve the majority of the server and all factions and "Legal/Neutral" is a very broad spectrum for events and require much planning or assistance from the mapping team and sometimes development team.

    Illegal Events - pre-planned, structured criminal events that tie in the community and legal factions. In the past - we've had the FBI Most Wanted loose in San Andreas and various forms of bank robberies/heists - these events would fall under this kind of banner. This intends to draw focus to criminal acts that provide a thorough and detailed experience for everyone involved and are played out by a cast of experienced roleplayers.
The community is encouraged to publicly suggest and discuss events in the following forum section: LS:RP Events. The event can be discussed by the community who are if interested, and from there, the Event Team can forward the good suggestions and discuss them internally for potential planning/shortlist, or archive them if they do not meet requirements or the appropriate standards. Hopefully this will give us a pool of quality events that we can look at scheduling on the server as time progresses.

Community members that are not staff are, as always, encouraged to apply and join the Event Team to ensure a wide array of people have an internal hand in planning events and can also participate in any relevant events that are scheduled on the server whether illegal or legal. The thread can be found here: Joining the LS:RP Event Team.

Bradley is still the Head of Events, and he is working on his own internal re-vamp of the members in the Event Team and I trust he will assign the right people to relevant positions as time progresses.

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