Community Update - 16 March 2016

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Community Update - 16 March 2016

Post by Surreal » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:17 am



Ensure you read this post first:

With the recent changes in our Management structure, I want to post and re-assure you that this is an opportunity and a step forward, not a step backwards. For most of you: you have no real overview over the Staff Team and especially Lead Administration/Management, so you do not truly know what goes on behind-the-scenes in terms of who handles what, and how the workload is delegated. From my personal standpoint as a Lead Administrator and what I've seen, heard and received in terms of messages and complaints from players and staff alike - this change is a step forward.

I have tremendous respect for both Collins and Damian's contributions over their best, active years. There is no doubt that they put in work when they were motivated and dedicated to the server, but as with most people - there comes a time when you need to take a step back and allow fresh, active blood to take over certain roles. For some: that's an easy thing to acknowledge, but for others the transition can be difficult or impossible to consider. I have been given the role of Management, so I intend to do the best that I can with the new responsibilities I have been given.

With the absence of Collins and Damian, we intend to move onwards and upwards with the server and do what we can to continuously improve what we have here. LS-RP has been around since 2007 and has been growing and improving over the years. We still hit maximum players during peak time-zones, and we still have a solid community base. With the right attention and most importantly a smooth, active chain of command - I can see the server being around for many more with frequent updates, active development and no roadblocks when it comes to pushing out changes that are needed.

I'm personally someone who is very invested in the server with my time and effort and have been playing here since 2007 - I'm the 98th registered player! Despite my time-zone I ensure that I am always available and around whether I'm at work or at home. Those of you that have spoken with me or work with me should be aware of my efforts and involvement with the community, and I've played a big hand in ensuring a lot of community support aspects for the server are actively and correctly handled. I respond to all the messages that I receive from players on the forums or IRC (though I am permanently connected to IRC, so I'm not always there!) regardless of who they are from and I make an effort to ensure people are not purposefully ignored and are listened to. Server management should not be an invisible and unresponsive presence, nor should lead administration or even administration in general.

I am also someone who is very in tune with role-play and have never faltered or taken a back seat and "just" been a staff member. I actively roleplay and contribute to a faction that I enjoy being a part of as I think that is valuable. It is very important to stay in touch with roleplay as that's what our server revolves around and I find it hard to consider someone completely in touch with the server if they refrain from roleplaying with the community. I value fairness and balance amongst the roleplay community and that should become more and more evident with time. I intend to always be there for anything that needs to happen - whether it be in relation to the Staff Team, Faction Management, Properties, etc.

To ensure you all don't have information overload from today, I'll end my post there. I'm sure some of you have questions or concerns, and I welcome your messages to ensure that you are listened to. Feel free to send me a forum PM if you want to ask me something and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Thank you,
Thanks to those of you who made my time here unforgettable. You know who you are. It was an absolute pleasure to meet different people from all over the world and spend years building and enjoying a mutual experience together. However, all good things must come to an end, and that time for me has finally come. Best wishes.

2007 — 2019.


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