Changes to the management structure

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Changes to the management structure

Post by Mow » Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:25 am

Hello Los Santos Role Play,

To pre-face this message: the health and well-being of the server is always put as top priority for both staff members and community members alike. This community and server has been around since 2007, and still has much to offer to all of us for years to come and we need to preserve what we have and always be moving forwards so we can improve and uphold the quality and experience for everyone who is a part of this community.

As you may have already noticed: there has been a change in the Management structure of the server. Due to some issues needing to be addressed, Collins and Damian are no longer actively part of the Server Management team. Whilst a lot of what goes on behind-the-scenes may not be apparent to the majority of the server base - this was done in the server's best interests to ensure that we continue moving forward with LS-RP.

Two new Managers have been assigned to the server - Surreal and Mmartin. Surreal will continue his work with the Staff Team and Community in general, whilst Mmartin will solely focus on server development and supporting our server/services. Both of these responsibilities are exceptionally important for the wellbeing of the server and, with this change, it will hopefully bring new blood and new life into play.

Feel free to direct any questions to Surreal or Mmartin where appropriate.

Best regards,
FoCo Gaming
Mow/Marius Ose Wagner


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