The Legacy Forums Have Arrived!

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The Legacy Forums Have Arrived!

Post by Ben » Thu May 25, 2023 2:31 pm

Hello everyone

For a while now this forum has been shut down for the general public (2021-2023), but is now making its comeback.

If you are not familiar, this decision was made because we wanted to migrate to a new forum (Invision Community) alongside our new GTA:V server. Furthermore, we also shut down our SAMP server.

We hid some subforums to protect the privacy of our players. This has affected the ban appeals section, the refund section, the Questions & Technical Support section and some others.

We promised you these forums would return in a state of read-only access, and we have delivered. Enjoy the feeling of nostalgia as you go back in time whilst reading the countless posts that were submitted here.

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