Outdated or disused scripts will be placed in here. Please note - these scripts are no longer used ingame!

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Post by Justus » Fri May 19, 2017 6:53 pm

Author: Justus
Last Update: 19/MAY/2017
Languages Used: PAWN

The current tollbooth system has been in place since 2011! The old system was quite old, clunky and in general was dated technically and visually, all of these issues have been addressed and should provide a more realistic and smooth user experience when using the system. Many parts of the old script conflicted with others, resulting in the fair few pickup bugs, these issues have been addressed and I've gone through several suggestions on the forums to get the community's input on the new system during development. When opening a toll, in the old system both tolls were opened for a static amount of time, now only one booth will open with a smooth animation, and will close once the opener has passed through, note that this has been calibrated so large vehicles such as road trains with trailers can pass through with additional time.


LSLV Highway Toll Booth

Features in the new script include a new, visual toll booth management system where LEO's can view the current status of tollbooths and statistical information for the past hour. Payments made for each toll booth are now based on two things, your vehicle type and tax, expensive vehicles such as the cheetah will cost more to open a toll compared to a bobcat, vehicles are also taxed on top of the original price based on their type, vehicles such as a roadtrain will be taxed more than a bobcat.

Following player suggestions, SADoC, LSFD, LSPD, SASD, and DOJ will pass the tolls without a fee, however this only applies when they are on duty, faction members will still have to pay tolls when not on duty. Each toll booth has had a visual makeover, they have received new mapping with updated textures and objects to aid them visually with roleplay, along with this some old features including the toll guard NPC has been removed and several toll booths have been given ticket machines to accompany the new roleplay around tolls.

Another issue with tolls is that often people would wait behind others to avoid toll fees, this has been fixed, when a user pays their toll fee, they will have 6 seconds to pass through the barrier, if they pass it early it will close behind them. This has also been optimised so vehicles with trailers such as road trains will pass through with more than enough time without getting stuck.

  • /opentoll.
  • /tollprice.
  • /toll.



Several suggestions made by both players, law enforcement and the staff team were used during the development of the revamped system, all suggestions were considered by multiple members of the development team before initially being implemented. Some of these suggestions made by the players can be found below:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

It should be noted that features included here may still be subject to change whilst the development of this script is being finalized.
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