[24-20] The Evasion Act 2020

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[24-20] The Evasion Act 2020

Post by Toretto » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:43 pm



SPONSORED BY: Senator Mondale
CO-SPONSORS: Senator Peralta

An act to establish procedures for the seizure of vehicles persistently used for the purposes of evasion.


  • Section 1. Procedure
    1. Any person who is convicted twice of and imprisoned for any of the following offences shall be subject to further prosecution as a Repeat Offender by the Department of Justice.
      1. (8)02. Evading a Peace Officer;
      2. (8)03. Evading a Peace Officer - High-Performance Vehicle;
    2. Any person who is convicted twice of and imprisoned for the above offences shall be subject to vehicle seizure by the Courts of San Andreas. The vehicle to be seized shall be the vehicle that was used to evade. If the vehicle is sold or disposed of before the courts can make a ruling, the courts shall be authorized to impose a fine in an amount equal to the fair market value of the vehicle which was used to evade. (( For example, if a vehicle costs $450,000 and is sold/scrapped before the courts can make an order for permanent impoundment, the fine is $225,000 )).
  • Section 2. Reporting Requirement
    1. All peace officers shall be required to report any criminal case to the Department of Justice if such case meets any of the following criteria:
      1. The offending party has committed one of the above offences on at least two separate occasions with the same vehicle.
    2. Law enforcement agencies shall be required to make the necessary logistical arrangements to satisfy the requirements of this statute including, but not limited to, producing the necessary processes and policies for the forwarding of applicable cases to the Department of Justice for prosecution.
    3. Each law enforcement agency executive shall appoint a peace officer to oversee the enforcement of this act with respect to internal policies. Such appointee shall send a weekly report to the Department of Justice containing a summary of all cases forward to the Department of Justice under this statute.
    4. Any person who is a Repeat Offender for any crime of evasion shall be forwarded to the Department of Justice for further prosecution under the Repeat Offender clause.
  • Section 3. Mandatory Sentencing
    1. The Courts of San Andreas shall order permanent seizure or impoundment of any vehicle which meets criteria set by this statute.

Jerry Richardson
Governor of San Andreas


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