[13-20] The Responsible Recycling Act 2020

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[13-20] The Responsible Recycling Act 2020

Post by Toretto » Sun Apr 19, 2020 10:33 pm



SUBMITTED BY: Senator Charles Moreno
SPONSORED BY: Senator Charles Moreno

An act to encourage citizens to protect the environment and to ensure organizations recycle responsibly.


  • Section 1. DEFINITIONS
    1. "Recycling" is the action or process of converting waste into reusable material.
    2. "Waste" is a material or substance, that is eliminated or discarded as it is no longer useful or required after the completion of a process.
    3. "Waste Recycling Container" is a green container that can be stored outside of a residential or private building, to dump recyclable materials.
    4. "Organization" is any form of organization, whether it is a business or charity.
    5. "Government Agency" is any agency or department which falls under the state government.
    6. "Residence" is any form of household of which citizens live within.
    7. "DOLT" is the Department of Labor & Transportation.
    8. "MRF" is a Materials Recovery Facility, which is ran under the supervision of the DOLT.
    Section 2. PROVISIONS
    1. $5,000,000 shall be granted to the State Treasurer from the San Andreas Operational Fund, to pay for the mass production or purchase of Waste Recycling Containers.
    2. Waste Recycling Containers shall be distributed throughout residential areas by the DOLT. This will be distributed fairly and equally under their supervision.
    3. At least ONE Waste Recycling Container must be placed on every street/road, where there is residential buildings.
    4. Every organization will receive a free Waste Recycling Container on one occasion.
    5. Waste Recycling Containers will be delegated to four colors, each one representing a different recycled material between the ones specified eligible for recycling - plastic, paper, glass, aluminium and steel.
    6. Government facilities will receive Waste Recycling Containers. Private businesses who receive government assistance, including but not limited to government contracts and government subsidized loans, will receive Waste Recycling Containers at no cost, and will be obligated to make use of them.
    7. The DOLT or an otherwise delegated contractor or department, will be responsible for collecting the disposed waste from the Waste Recycling Containers once per week.
    8. All waste must be transported to the MRF, where DOLT personnel will separate and decontaminate recyclable materials.
    9. The recyclable materials may be sold or issued by the state government to organizations, for the purpose of them being used again.
    10. Plastic, paper, glass, aluminium and steel are all recyclable materials.
    1. The San Andreas State Government will launch a campaign to encourage the subject of recycling and to promote green thinking. It will commence for two months from when this bill is signed into law.
    1. Residences are encouraged to make use of the Waste Recycling Containers.
    2. Residential Waste Recycling Containers shall be replaced by the DOLT, if they become damaged or lost.
    3. Organizations that lose or damage their Waste Recycling Container, will need to pay $1,000 for a replacement. Government agencies are exempt from this charge.
    4. A government agency may be audited by the State Auditor, if instructed by the Governor's Office or if a report is made by a member of the public.
    5. A government agency that is deemed by the State Auditor to have failed to follow the guidelines set within this act, will be given a reasonable timescale to make corrections. If they fail to make the corrections within the set timescale, they will be reported to the Governor's Office.

Jerry Richardson
Acting Governor of San Andreas



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