[31-18] Prohibited Weapons Act of 2018

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[31-18] Prohibited Weapons Act of 2018

Post by Flemwad » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:40 am


D. Calhoun

An act to regulate and control prohibited weapons for the purpose of safety and security of the citizens of San Andreas


  • Section 1. DEFINITIONS
    1. "Deadly Weapon" is an object whose purpose is to cause death or that when used as an instrument of offense is capable of causing death or sometimes serious bodily harm.
    2. "Prohibited Weapon" is a weapon outlawed or regulated by this Act.
    3. "Knife" is a cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade fastened to a handle.
    4. "Brass Knuckles" are a set of metal finger rings or guards attached to a transverse piece and worn over the front of the doubled fist for use as a weapon.
    5. "Collapsible Baton" is a steel club, separated in segmented sections, with the ability to collapse into itself for easy concealment and carrying in a holster (i.e. police officer's gun belt).
    6. "Nightstick" is a wooden baton or club, typically with a side-handle, primarily used as a less-lethal option for police in the past. Still in use by riot-police in the present day.
    7. "Los Santos Police Department Firearms Licensing Division (LSPD FLD)" is a division of the LSPD charged with issuing, enforcing, and regulating firearm and weapon licenses in the state of San Andreas.
    8. "License to Purchase a Firearm (PF)" is a license issued by the LSPD FLD that permits its owner to purchase and store a single weapon or more in their place of residence or business for the purpose of self defense, hunting, or sports.
    9. "License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW)" is a license issued by the LSPD FLD that permits its owner to carry a concealed weapon on their person for self defense and defense of their personal property, in compliance with set rules and regulations.
    10. "San Andreas Guard Card (GC)" is a license issued by the LSPD FLD that permits its owner to perform security duties as an armed guard within the state of San Andreas. The role of a security guard includes loss prevention, store security, night club security, school security and a variety of other roles. Must own a PF License to obtain a GC.
    1. Amendments to Title 9 of the San Andreas Penal Code are as follows:
      1. Possession Of A Prohibited Weapon;
        1. A civilian who possesses any prohibited weapon that is illegal in possession or not considered part of any legal weapon type.
        2. Prohibited Weapons include;
          1. A blade or improvised blade over three inches in length that can be used as a cutting, slashing or stabbing weapon, whether or not concealed;
          2. Brass Knuckles of any variety capable of being worn on the fingers of the hand and used as an offensive weapon, whether or not concealed;
          3. Baton or Nightstick possessed without a PF, GC, or CCW issued by the LSPD Firearms Licensing Division, whether or not concealed;
        3. Violations shall carry the punishment of a misdemeanor; (( No less than 15 minutes and no more than 30 minutes ))
        4. If a Prohibited Weapon is carried during the commission of a Felony, the perpetrator shall receive the maximum sentence;
        5. Will be subject to Officer Discretion as defined in the San Andreas Penal Code.
    Addendum 1. REPEL
    1. Upon the passing of this bill, this act shall repel any other which infringes upon its stipulations.
    2. (9)01. Possession Of An Illegal Blade shall be removed from the San Andreas Penal Code and replaced with guidelines created by Section 2.
    Addendum 2. EXCEPTIONS
    1. Batons and Nightstick weaponry shall:
      1. Be regulated by the Los Santos Police Department's Firearms Licensing Division;
      2. Be legal to purchase and possess with a Personal Firearm (PF) License as issued by the LSPD FLD;
      3. Be stored, transported, and used in accordance with PF/GC/CCW regulations;
    2. Batons and Nightstick weaponry may be concealed:
      1. On private property in accordance with PF Regulations;
      2. While working as a security guard in accordance with GC Regulations;
      3. In accordance with CCW Regulations;
    3. Illegitimate usage of Batons and Nightstick weaponry shall constitute a violation of (9)13. CCW / PF Violation.

    Carl Duncan
    Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas



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