Child Labor Act of 2016

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Child Labor Act of 2016

Post by Conti » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:19 pm

Child Labor Act of 2016

Author: Aizik Avrushchenko, Francis Vaughn

Sponsor: Aizik Avrushchenko, Jep Appelo, Francis Vaughn

ACT NO. 011-16

An Act to outline the conditions under which minors may work in order to safeguard their health and education.


Section 1. Definitions
  1. “Minor” refers to any person under the age of eighteen.
  2. “Working age” refers to the age at which a minor may work.
  3. "Work" refers to the undertaking of any task(s) on behalf of an employer.
  4. "Employer" refers to a business owner or the business as a single entity.
  5. "Employee" refers to a person who works for an employer in exchange for benefits including but not limited to money.
  6. "Hazardous occupation" refers to a job position in which the worker is potentially exposed to machinery, chemicals, or other materials which can maim, harm, or injure an employee.
  7. "Agriculture" refers to the science or practice of farming, cultivation, and the rearing of animals to provide food or goods.
  8. "Light work" refers to a job which requires low amounts of exertion on the part of the minor. Typical light work would be operating a lemonade stand, craft-making, cleaning small vehicles and basic lawn care.

Section 2. Minor Employability Restrictions
  1. All minors, regardless of age:
    1. May work in a family owned business (except in the circumstances detailed in Section 2.C.2.) , at a farm, as a paid actor or may deliver publications.
    2. May perform self-employed work which is light in nature.
    3. Shall not be employed in potentially hazardous occupations in non-agricultural positions.
    4. Shall not be employed in a position which exclusively is fitted for an adult. This includes but is not limited to serving alcohol, security positions, first responder roles, drivers and erotic careers.
    5. Shall not operate heavy machinery or be exposed to hazardous materials.
    6. Shall not be employed in a capacity where they are exposed to adult imagery such as pornography, or exotic dancing, as a part of their role.
    7. If they are still registered with an educational institution, such as a school, may not maintain a job which conflicts with their education schedule.
  2. If a minor is under the age of FOURTEEN (14) years, they shall:
    1. Not be permitted to begin work which puts them at severe risk of harm.
    2. Not work for more than TWENTY (20) hours per week in an employed capacity. These hours should be split into a reasonable shift pattern.
  3. If a minor is under the age of SIXTEEN (16) years, they shall:
    1. Not work for more than THIRTY FIVE (35) hours per week in an agricultural position. These hours should be split into a reasonable shift pattern.
    2. Not work in a manufacturing position, even if it is a family owned business.
Section 3. Employer Responsibilities and Sanctions
  1. An employer shall be liable under Offence L.C. (3)08. Child Labor Misconduct of the San Andreas Licensing Code if they are found to have breached any of the following regulations:
    1. An employer is required to provide a minor with all necessary safety equipment they may require for their position to ensure they have a reasonable degree of safety as expected by the employer's profession.
    2. An employer must inform a child worker of any state acts which guarantee them certain rights. Such as the San Andreas Labor Code 2015.
    3. An employer must verify a minor's age and educational status prior to employing them. Copies of any documentation used to verify a minor's age and/or educational status should be retained by an employer indefinitely.
    4. An employer must provide a minor employee with an adequate wage based off of their work experience.
    5. An employer must ensure a minor employee is properly trained to perform their role.
    6. An employer may not force a minor to work overtime as a condition of their employment.
    7. If a minor is performing an agricultural role an employer must ensure an adult directly supervises the minor when they are operating machinery.
  2. An employer who is found guilty of Offence L.C. (3)08. Child Labor Misconduct of the San Andreas Licensing Code may also be punished under Offence (7)02. Child Abuse of the San Andreas Penal Code by a recognised San Andreas law enforcement agency.

  • This bill, if passed, shall come into effect seven (7) days after being signed.

    I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance was passed by the Legislature of the State of San Andreas, at its meeting on this 25th day of June
    • William Benson
      State Clerk
    Approved on this 11th day of July
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      Governor of San Andreas


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