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Use this forum to discuss other games that you play here. Remember, no advertisements of any sort are permitted!

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Forum rules
We have four very simple rules to prevent this forum being closed again.Full details of which can be found HERE:

1) NO advertising of other servers
2) NO advertising of clans/groups or attempting to recruit players to join
3) NO encouraging or posting warez of pirated games
4) NO selling of any accounts, mods, goods, items or services of any games

Failure to adhere to these rules WILL result in a forum ban. You have been warned
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Other Games Section Rules

Post by LS-RP » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:58 am


    • Discussions about all games, excluding GTA San Andreas.
      Posting announcements, game releases and feature discussions.
      Posting and discussing game conventions, such as E3.
    • Posting tutorials, guides or walkthroughs of levels.
      Posting helpful tips.
    • Help or advice needed on a certain tough level.
      How to get a game working.
      How to mod a game.
    • Posting your build/setup.
      Posting your achievements.
      Posting your own made (singleplayer) games.

Aside from the global forum rules, there are a few rules specific to this section. Make sure you follow them to avoid a forum warning or possibly a forum ban.

1. Advertisement
  • You are not allowed to advertise other servers, nor advertise clans, guilds or groups trying to recruit players. This section is to discuss other games and not recruit people to your group. If you want to recruit people, you can do this through private methods and off the forum.
    Punishments: Forum warning.
2. Pirating
  • You are not allowed to encourage or assist in pirating games or other media. If someone asks for help to download a game, buying the game is the right way to go about it. Supporting the game developers is the best way to go about it. Any links, posts or threads about pirating or pirated games will be removed without question.
    Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity.
3. Spoilers
  • You are not allowed to post any spoilers for any video game, regardless of the game being old or new. Ruining the experience of other players will not be tolerated and posts regarding spoilers will need to be put in the spoiler tag.
    Punishments: Forum warning.
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