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SADOC Newsletter, May 2017

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    Vol. 7, Issue 5 - May 2017
        As SACF is Overhauled, DOC Unveils New Manual
        • By Theodore Lehmbeck

          The past month has seen the simultaneous finalization of two projects bearing a large importance for San Andreas' correctional system: Improved San Andreas Correctional Facility interior design, and the release of a new manual for correctional staff to follow.

          Operational in its current capacity since 2012, SACF has been fully renovated. The protracted re-building process topped out in May.
          The project successfully re-designed large sections of the facility. The improvements it brought are wide spread and far-reaching. A recurrent improvement is the optimal use of space for all purposes. Inmate housing units use far less space, while retaining the same maximal occupancy. The new layout provides quality of life improvement for inmates, including new multi-confessional chapels, and showers accessible during all open hours. Even segregated inmates will see improvements in their daily routine, as the two Security Housing Units have been re-designed with new yards. The new segregated yards, albeit smaller in size, are easily monitored and controlled by officers.

          Notwithstanding the improvements perceptible by the housed population, the overhauled facility allows officers to perform their duties in a safer and more efficient way. The facility's control rooms are now more easily accessible and grant almost total visibility over their units. The new control rooms allow officers to intervene in a completely safe way by remotely targeting inmates for use of force, from the safety of their location.

          These fundamental changes in layout could not go without major protocol changes across the board.
          A long time in the making, the new San Andreas Department of Corrections Manual has come in force on May 18. Fifty-four pages long, the document outlines and details everything there is to know for officers to perform their duties appropriately in what is essentially a new workplace. From use of force policies to riot control tactics, many aspects of procedure have been heavily revised, modernizing the department's standards.

          The completely changed departmental procedures combined with a much more modern SACF provides the bedrock for further changes in how DOC will operate the facility.
          The Department of Corrections is thankful for the precious help of Retired Deputy Warden Hawkins, and Retired Lieutenant Lancaster for their contributions early on during the drafting of the new Manual.
          • Contact Visits Generalized
            Members of the public who wish to visit relatives housed in SACF are now much more likely to be able to make physical contact, during the visit. Although non-contact visits in booths have not disappeared, they are now only used for more dangerous inmates. The new policy will both save personel and provide a more intimate experience to inmates and their visitors.

            New Flexible Use of Force Policy
            As SACF keeps facing a heightened amount of violent acts, the Department of Corrections introduced new use of force policies, designed to induce a more prompt response against incidents of widespread violence; Shift Supervisors are able to equip any of the officers under their shift with riot control means, provided they have been trained in their use.

            Updated Riot Control Protocol
            In keeping with moves to better respond to violent acts, DOC is now enforcing new policies in how to actually respond to brawls and riots. The new protocols organize all stages of response, from containment to suppression, and including mass transport of participants to Secure Housing. A focus of the new documentation is officer safety.

            Established Escape Protocol
            Although DOC seldom faces instances of escape from custody, new contingencies have been prepared to enable autonomous response from correctional staff, including the Correctional Emergency Response Team. The new document formalize both escape from facilities and from other locations, such as Community Service sites.

            Number of Applications Received by DOC Soars
            The ongoing Academy #72 of the Department of Corrections has attracted more than 60 applicants, making it one of the largest to date. 22 men and women have been picked from this pool to undergo Service Training. These recruits will then go through examination before they become sworn-in and certified correctional officers.

            • May 1
              An inmate acted suspiciously after he was spotted by two officers, keeping watch of a cell entrance. Upon closer inspection, two other inmates were located inside the cell and the cell's occupants were ordered to step out for a shakedown. As officers concluded the search, narcotics were found in the cell.

              May 10
              Parole agents faced tampering with a parolee's monitoring equipment as they were attempting to conduct surveillance. The parolee did not respond to attempts at contact from the agents. As soon as the agents located and made contact with their subject, the offender fled. When he turned around and began assaulting the two agents, they responded with lethal force, killing the offender.

              May 13
              Late at night, control personnel reported an on-going brawl in the yard. Responding officers discovered one deceased inmate as they responded. While officers made attempts to investigate the incident, two different brawls were reported concurrently which led staff to initiate a full prison lockdown. As inmates were placed in lockdown, several offenders from the previous brawl made an attempt to barricade themselves in a cell, but were easily extracted for transport to Security Housing.

              May 14
              Department A, Housing Unit 1 locked down when an officer discovered a knife fight in the surroundings of a cell. The armed fight, believed to be in connection with prison gang activities, severely wounded one inmate. Quick intervention from staff however prevented his slaining.

              May 15
              An officer reported a suspicious five inmates assembly in the outsquirts of the General Population Yard. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the assembly was concealing an three man brawl. Despite best first aid efforts from correctional staff, one of the inmates was deceased after the brawl was quelled.

              May 16
              During evening hours, a Deputy Sheriff requested assistance with processing a violent suspect. A DOC Sergeant responded and spotted the suspect's relatives obstructing an off-duty's officer path to the main prison with their personal vehicle. The off-duty officer made an easy entry while the two siblings fled from the scene. Two APB's were posted on the suspects, their alleged acts falling under PC4-11. Obstruction Of A Government Employee and Attempted PC2-03. Trespassing within a Restricted Facility

              May 18
              An officer was attacked with a makeshift blade by an inmate. At the time of the assault, the officer was escorting another inmate to a Security Housing Unit. The inmate took the officer hostage, and attempted to make demands to staff. The Correctional Emergency Team responded instead. The two inmates were neutralized with lethal force. Tactical response allowed the officer to come out unharmed.
              • May 19
                During patrol, an officer stumbled upon an inmate obstructing a library's door entrance. While waiting for assistance, control reported several males being in cover and two inmates actively assaulting another inside. Two officers breached the library door with the usage of Riot Control Gear and disarmed the assailants, solving the situation entirely. Nevertheless, the delay brought about by the obstructing inmate allowed his accomplices to slay their victim.

                May 20
                During late evening on duty staff were informed of a fight in a general population housing unit. Three responding officers were notified of the fight escalating into a large brawl involving several different groups. Riot Control Gear was used to pacify the situation and take down offenders.

                May 22
                The Correctional Emergency Response Team was called over to respond to racial tensions in a housing unit. On-duty staff maintained a safe position while waiting for the response team to arrive. Previous attempts at locking down the unit had failed, as inmates refused to cooperate. When the Correctional Emergency Response Team element formed, the tensions were still dormant. It only took minutes however for a brawl to break out. It was however almost instantly suppressed.

                May 23
                During early morning hours, an immense brawl broke out in the yard involving more than a dozen inmates. On-duty staff were notified only after it had already progressed and quick intervention using Riot Control Gear quelled the situation. Inmates sustained only minor injuries and only two inmates were segregated due to unclear CCTV footage.

                May 23
                An officer watching the yard from a tower anticipated a fight between two inmates and requested back-up. As three other officers responded, the fight escalated to a brawl. The yard was cleared while officers on the ground responded, and transported the ringleaders to a Security Housing Unit. Staff response prevented any harm done between inmates.

                May 28
                An officer transporting an inmate to his housing unit segregated faced tremendous violence from the offender, who subdued the officer. As staff arrived, the inmate was in possession of the officer's equipment, and attempted to unrestrain himself. Using less lethal force, officers disabled the inmate as he was fumbling with his handcuffs. The assaulted officers came out with light injuries, and the transport resumed under watch.

                May 31
                Three officers rushed to a housing unit to assist an incapacitated colleague, who was being assaulted by the unit's population. One of the inmates remained with the officer, and attempted to drag his victim into his cell. Staff responded with lethal force, and extracted the officer into safety. The inmate did not survive the encounter.

                • Image Corporal > Image Sergeant
                  • #002 - Chase Lionheart
                  Image Correction Officer I > Image Correction Officer II
                  • #001 - Hazel Callaghan
                  • #015 - Harriet Hope
                  • #022 - Buck Chandler
                  All (bulk) promotions work in accordance to the Promotion System guidelines. If you believe you should have been promoted but weren't, contact your Staff Head with your concerns.
                  Meritorious Conduct Medal
                  Theodore Lehmbeck

                  Award of Excellence (Bronze Star II)
                  Jenna Morris

                  Award of Excellence (Bronze Star I)
                  Jonathan Byrd

                  Award of Excellence
                  Theodore Lehmbeck

                  Good Conduct Award (Bronze Star II)
                  Spencer Dotzler

                  Good Conduct Award
                  Sam Kendal
                  Victoria Bulgakova

                  Service Award I
                  Victoria Bulgakova
                    Supervisory Staff Certification
                    Andrew Preston

                    Less Lethal Weapons Course Certification
                    Buck Chandler
                    Shania Langford
                    Harriet Hope

                    Lethal Weapons Course Certification
                    Buck Chandler

                    SACF BLS Course Certification
                    Richard Paquet
                    Alexandria Bryant
                    Harriet Hope

                    Community Service Course Certification
                    Suzannah Dominguez
                    Shania Langford
                    Harriet Hope
                    Victoria Bulgakova
                      Officer of the Month - May 2017


                      Sergeant Andrew Preston

                        Rookie of the Month - May 2017


                        Correction Officer II Harriet Hope
                          • Welcome to the monthly CompStat for May 2017. The CompStat system was first adopted in law enforcement use by the NYPD in 1994. Its purpose was to track down crime, pinpoint it, and thus be able to methodically and accurately root out violent crime in the city. Since then, CompStat has expanded to differing purposes and different departments throughout America. The SADOC tracks the following occurrences to target improvement of the allocation of the department's resources:
                            • —Staffing (Increases/decreases in employment levels)
                              —Violent Crime (Class I CRC Offenses)
                              —Contraband (Amount of contraband confiscated on facility grounds)
                              —Lockdowns (Amount of times the facility entered lockdown in a month)
                            May 2017's CompStat recordings:

                            • HIGH COMMAND STAFF
                              • Image WARDEN - 1
                                Image DEPUTY WARDEN - 0
                                Image MAJOR - 1
                                TOTAL: 2 (6%)
                              COMMAND STAFF
                              • Image CAPTAIN - 2
                                Image LIEUTENANT - 1
                                TOTAL: 3 (9%)
                              SUPERVISORY STAFF
                              • Image MASTER SERGEANT - 3
                                Image SERGEANT - 2
                                TOTAL: 5 (15%)
                              CUSTODY STAFF
                              • Image CORPORAL - 8
                                Image CORRECTION OFFICER II - 2
                                Image CORRECTION OFFICER I - 13
                                TOTAL: 23 (70%)
                              DEPARTMENT TOTAL: 33
                            Violent Crime
                            • —23 occurrences of (1)01. Murder
                              —5 occurrences of (1)02. Attempted Murder
                              —1 occurrences of (1)03. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                              —291 occurrences of (1)04. Assault & Battery
                              —1 occurrences of (1)05. Rape
                              —1 occurrences of (1)06. Hostage Taking
                              —1 occurrences of (1)07. Possession of a Firearm
                              —6 occurrences of (1)08. Possession of an Improvised Weapon
                              —4 occurrences of (1)09. Manufacture of a Dangerous Weapon / Device
                              —0 occurrences of (1)10. Arson
                              —11 occurrences of (1)11. Riot
                              —0 occurrences of (1)12. Attempted Escape
                              —0 occurrences of (1)13. Escape
                              —1 occurrences of (1)14. Introduction of Contraband
                              —1 occurrences of (1)15. Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent To Sell
                            • WEAPONS (UNIT: ITEMS)
                              • —Knives/Shanks/Blades recovered - 2
                                —Improvised explosives recovered - 0
                                —Blunt impact weapons recovered - 0
                                —Firearms recovered - 0
                                —Other items recovered - 0
                            • NARCOTICS & CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES
                              • —Cannabis recovered - 23g
                                —MDMA recovered - 0mg
                                —Cocaine recovered - 15g
                                —Crack Cocaine recovered - 4g
                                —Methamphetamine recovered - 0g
                                —Phencyclidine (PCP) recovered - 0g
                                —Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) recovered - 100ug
                                —Heroin recovered - 25g
                                —Steroids recovered - 0g
                                —Demerol recovered - 0mg
                                —Haloperidol recovered - 0mg
                                —Other -
                            • MISCELLANEOUS
                              • —Money recovered - $3,034
                                —Cell Phones recovered - 0
                                —Other items recovered -
                                • —Lighter - 1
                                  —Fishing line - 1
                                  —Nylon Rope Bundle - 1
                            • Lockdowns for May 2017:
                              —0 Lockdown Code Blacks
                              —6 Lockdown Code Reds
                              —2 Lockdown Code Yellow
                          (( The Department of Corrections is not responsible for the roleplay style of inmates, the above figures are in no way shape or form a representative of the IC "effectiveness" of the DOC, or any other faction operating within SACF. The overwhelming majority of the time, inmates are caught with their crimes. ))[/altdivbox]Image
                            • The Warden's Message for this May's newsletter will be dedicated to the major changes the Department integrated during the month.

                              The implementation of the Department's manual - SADOCM - was planned in accordance with various engineering and funding restrictions related to SACF's recent renovations. Simply put, the Manual would not have functioned the way it was originally envisioned, had it been officially put to use with the older design for the facility's many areas. The various additional security and much improved safety features for both inmates and staff, as well as entirely new facilities would simply have not worked to the best of their intended capabilities with an older mindset in the Department's functions. This integrated update process is not based on new ideas. Several years ago, when the Department made its move from Los Santos Prison to the newly built San Andreas Correctional Facility, a newly made Department Handbook was also introduced, which was replaced recently by SADOCM. The updated Handbook improved heavily on the accountability of staff and made it possible for the Department to branch out for its new main correctional facility. Additionally, when the Department transferred all of its resources to the San Andreas Correctional Facility, it simultaneously began an aggressive upsizing initiative, which bolstered recruitment numbers heavily. The exact same procedure was done just recently, with the ongoing Academy #72 containing a high number of recruits during the time of writing.

                              During the transfer to SACF, I held the rank of Captain, and had the prestigious opportunity to witness the Department branch out in many different areas, over a short period of time. This agency evolved like that several times over the years that followed, but in terms of systematic advancement of procedures and safety, never as much as it did with the implementation of the new Department manual, as well as the extensive interior renovations which reached completion during this month. This is one of the most important milestones in the Department's history, and is a tremendous opportunity to both witness and contribute as we progress. Witnessing it is important so that we learn along the way; these massive changes heavily contribute towards increasing the safety of inmates and staff, overall increasing the effectiveness of the Department as it carries its duties out for the public. Contribution during these times of change is important so that we can build upon our new foundations. The introduction of new procedures is not only a set of rules and instructions to follow, but a mindset to utilize for later advancements. This advancement may only be achieved if we carry our duties out with an open mind.

                              I congratulate the Department's staff for coming this far; achieving this level of professionalism, accountability and effectiveness took countless years of hard work. Every officer's contribution is important to the Department, and our recent achievements would not have been possible without a collective willingness to improve and put in honest work. I am confident that we can keep this up.

                              JOHN WINNFIELD
                            • The mission of the San Andreas Department of Corrections is to ensure the security of state prisons and the safety of offenders and staff. The Department plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by rehabilitating offenders in order to decrease recidivism and create productive members of society. The Department provides offender management services that protect the community from habitual offenders.

                              The monthly newsletter is intended for sworn and civilian employees and those interested in the activities of the San Andreas Department of Corrections. It is published by the Public Relations Director and contains content prepared by Public Relations Officers and other Department employees. For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Public Relations Director.

                              Warden John Winnfield | Public Relations Director Theodore Lehmbeck
                            San Andreas Department of Corrections
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                            Warden John Winnfield
                            115-9862 / [email protected]

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