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SADOC Newsletter, December 2016

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    [pre]Vol. 6, Issue 12 - December 2016[/pre][/size][/b]
        2016: A Year's Work Recollection
        • By Theodore Lehmbeck

          2016 came to an end, and it is time to look back on a year of corrections in the State of San Andreas. The department's mission, applying incarceration sentences and offering chances of rehabilitation, involves a myriad of tasks all performed by DOC sworn-in officers. In SACF, these tasks amount to keep the population equivalent of a small town in an safe and rehabilitative environment.
          During the past year, correctional staff were involved in 361 major situations, supervised 206 visits from inmates' relatives or friends, and seized contraband 277 times.

          The Department of Corrections is also responsible for lesser known tasks, such as providing healthcare services to the state's incarcerated population: The Medical Services Unit provided medical aid to more than 200 inmates. The unit employs all medical staff working for the prison system: From medical technicians to surgeons.
          Since their operations started to be publicly logged in the CompStat system six months ago, the Parole Operations Unit granted 46 early releases, giving inmates as many chances to reintegrate themselves as productive members of society. Those 46 people, whether they failed or succeeded during their term, were the subjects of close supervision by parole agents.

          These numbers provide only a small digest of a Correction Officer's life on the job: Much of a day's challenges are faced anonymously by correctional staff. Officers do not write down every time they are heckled, lied to, or obstructed by the inmates they are sworn to supervise and protect.
          The dutifulness of our state's correction officers is thoroughly documented: In 2016, the Department honored various officers with nine Silver Lifesaving Awards, nine Purple Hearts, and eight Awards of Excellence.
          For DOC staff, 2017's challenges will be handled with the same impetus which animated the previous year: Working in a fair, firm, and consistent manner; stepping up when there is trouble.
          The Department of Corrections wishes the public, its personnel, and all victims of crimes a happy new year.
          • New Parole Operations Unit Executive Officer
            After the resignation of the previous executive officer, Captain Theresa Rosewood was selected to become Executive Officer of the Parole Operations Unit. Captain Rosewood is a veteran parole agent; her dedication the unit previously earned her an Award of Excellence. She will assist Major Aubrey Taylor in the operation of the unit.

            Deputy Warden Galen Hawkins resigns
            After years of tireless service to the Department of Corrections, Deputy Warden Galen Hawkins announced his resignation this month. Recently promoted from Major, Deputy Warden Hawkins served as Head of Custody Staff, and in the Correctional Emergency Response team as a Senior Team Leader. Deputy Warden Hawkins took a prominent role in liaising with our State's legislature. He initiated many of the projects, revamps and reforms SADOC underwent over the years.

            Major Jenna Morris joins High Command Staff
            Major Jenna Morris has newly been promoted from Captain to Major, putting her as one of DOC's top men and women. In addition to this new promotion, Major Morris was already the Assistant Director of the Training & Recruitment Department, and the Commanding Officer of the Medical Services Unit. Her promotion comes after years of dependable service in her former ranks.
            • December 3
              During the evening, an inmate assaulted an officer in the yard. While help was scrambled to assist the injured officer, the attacking inmate fled into the library of Department A, Block 1. DOC Medical staff evacuated the wounded officer and began treatment, who was unconscious from the injuries he sustained. The wounded officer made a full recovery.

              December 7
              At 9:30 p.m., one inmate was found trying to throw another inmate off the catwalk. Once correctional staff arrived at the scene, the attacking inmate was secured and transported to isolation. While being transported, the offender reported major back pains. After a brief inspection, DOC staff transported the offender to Fort Carson Medical Center. The inmate was transported back to Secure Housing on the same day, for a 90-day segregation sentence.

              December 8
              Three inmates attempted to corner a fourth one and batter him. Thankfully for him, officers noticed this behavior and averted a deadly beating. Violence was almost entirely averted by four officers. The victim was safe and sound, and all three instigators were transported to Secure Housing, where they remained for the month.

              December 9
              A perimeter patrol intercepted a black four doors driving within the restricted perimeter. The driver in possession of narcotics and charged with Trespassing and Possession of a Controlled Substance. The offender's custody was transferred to the Sheriff's Department.

              December 11
              Just as the inmates were finishing dinner, provokations from a single inmate sparked a fight that would escalate to this month's biggest brawl. Approximately six inmates were transported to Secure Housing. It remains unclear how many more were involved.

              December 12
              During the early evening, an inmate was spotted trying to climb a fence. Right away, he was subdued by an officer who was standing by. When the inmate fell to the ground, another inmate violently barged in. Both inmates were transported to Secure Housing.
              • December 13
                During the late afternoon, one inmate attacked a canine and its officer. Although the canine received serious injuries in the head, correctional staff could treat injuries at the facility’s infirmary. The assaulting inmate was isolated and punished for assaulting a government employee. The canine recovered soon after, and was able to resume service.

                December 14
                At around 8:30 p.m., DOC received a call about someone threatening to break into the prison with weapons. Right away, correctional staff responded and found a young male at the lobby. Moments later, officers subdued the trespasser, but did not find any weapon in his possession. The Sheriff's Department was called to arrest and charge the trespasser.

                December 17
                A lockdown was issued by officers in order to control the general agitation all around SACF. Inmates were shouting provokations and took part in brawls. Two inmates were wounded due to their participation in fights as the lockdown was carried out.
                Normal operation was restored as soon as possible.

                December 20
                During the late evening, flooding was reported in a Secure Housing cellblock. Two inmates had decided to block the outflow from their toilet units with their clothes, in a deliberate bid to sabotage them and flood their housing unit. All inmates occupying damaged cells were moved elsewhere.

                December 21
                Two local law enforcement officers transporting offenders for incarceration were attacked by their passengers when they brought them in the processing area. The suspects, who may have prepared their move, incapacitated one of their victims, who then used lethal force in retaliation. DOC response arrived to bring back order. One suspect did not survive the encounter.

                December 29
                At 6:30 p.m. in the afternoon, one inmate was found trying to hang himself at a Protective Custody housing block. Officers managed to persuade the inmate not to hang himself from a catwalk, and convinced him to step off. Correctional staff secured the inmate in a safety restraint chair, and moved him to protective custody.

                • Image Correction Officer II > Image Corporal
                  • #039 - Damon Shepard
                  • #032 - Jake Foreman
                  Image Correction Officer I > Image Correction Officer II
                  • #019 - Emily Shaw
                  • #035 - Sam Kendal
                  All (bulk) promotions work in accordance to the Promotion System guidelines. If you believe you should have been promoted but weren't, contact your Staff Head with your concerns.

                  Award of Excellence
                  Jonathan Byrd

                  Exceptional Negotiator Award
                  Bahar Karasu

                  Silver Lifesaving Award
                  Bahar Karasu

                  Rookie of the Month
                  Samuel Tsai

                  Good Conduct Award (Silver Star III)
                  Adonis Ares

                  Good Conduct Award
                  Jonathan Byrd

                  High Command Staff Certification
                  Jenna Morris

                  Command Staff Certification
                  Theodore Lehmbeck
                    Supervisory Staff Certification
                    Daniel Silver
                    Chase Lionheart

                    Community Service Ribbon
                    Vida Moreau
                    Jake Foreman
                    Damon Shepard
                    Joe Fredrico
                    Dillian Lukic
                    Lance Watson
                    Tessa Reyes

                    SACF BLS Ribbon
                    Vida Moreau
                    Joe Fredrico
                    Emily Shaw
                    Dillian Lukic
                    Conor Fredrico

                    Advanced Academy Certification
                    Tessa Reyes

                    Academy Certification
                    Alex Costa
                    Sam Kendal
                    Bryce Hinton
                    Joe Fredrico
                    Emily Shaw
                    Dillian Lukic
                    Conor Fredrico
                    Preston Taylor
                      Rookie of the Month - Month 2016


                      Correction Officer II Emily Shaw
                        • Welcome to the monthly CompStat for December 2016. The CompStat system was first adopted in law enforcement use by the NYPD in 1994. Its purpose was to track down crime, pinpoint it, and thus be able to methodically and accurately root out violent crime in the city. Since then, CompStat has expanded to differing purposes and different departments throughout America. The SADOC tracks the following occurrences to target improvement of the allocation of the department's resources:
                          • —Staffing (Increases/decreases in employment levels)
                            —Violent Crime (Class I CRC Offenses)
                            —Contraband (Amount of contraband confiscated on facility grounds)
                            —Lockdowns (Amount of times the facility entered lockdown in a month)
                          Without further ado, here are the CompStat recordings for December 2016:

                          • HIGH COMMAND STAFF
                            • Image WARDEN - 1
                              Image DEPUTY WARDEN - 0
                              Image MAJOR - 2
                              TOTAL: 3 (11%)
                            COMMAND STAFF
                            • Image CAPTAIN - 1
                              Image LIEUTENANT - 1
                              TOTAL: 2 (9%)
                            SUPERVISORY STAFF
                            • Image MASTER SERGEANT - 1
                              Image SERGEANT - 2
                              TOTAL: 3 (11%)
                            CUSTODY STAFF
                            • Image CORPORAL - 5
                              Image CORRECTION OFFICER II - 6
                              Image CORRECTION OFFICER I - 7
                              TOTAL: 18 (69%)
                            DEPARTMENT TOTAL: 26
                          Violent Crime
                          • —28 occurrences of (1)01. Murder
                            —4 occurrences of (1)02. Attempted Murder
                            —1 occurrences of (1)03. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                            —288 occurrences of (1)04. Assault & Battery
                            —0 occurrences of (1)05. Rape
                            —0 occurrences of (1)06. Hostage Taking
                            —0 occurrences of (1)07. Possession of a Firearm
                            —1 occurrences of (1)08. Possession of an Improvised Weapon
                            —0 occurrences of (1)09. Manufacture of a Dangerous Weapon / Device
                            —0 occurrences of (1)10. Arson
                            —1 occurrences of (1)11. Riot
                            —1 occurrences of (1)12. Attempted Escape
                            —0 occurrences of (1)13. Escape
                            —1 occurrences of (1)14. Introduction of Contraband
                            —1 occurrences of (1)15. Possession of Contraband With Intent to Sell
                          • WEAPONS (UNIT: ITEMS)
                            • —Knives/Shanks/Blades recovered - 0
                              —Improvised explosives recovered - 0
                              —Blunt impact weapons recovered - 1
                              —Firearms recovered - 0
                              —Other items recovered - 0
                          • NARCOTICS & CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES
                            • —Cannabis recovered - 46g
                              —MDMA recovered - 0mg
                              —Cocaine recovered - 17g
                              —Crack Cocaine recovered - 4g
                              —Methamphetamine recovered - 1g
                              —Phencyclidine (PCP) recovered - 0g
                              —Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) recovered - 0ug
                              —Heroin recovered - 10g
                              —Steroids recovered - 0g
                              —Demerol recovered - 0mg
                              —Haloperidol recovered - 0mg
                              — Aspirin recovered - 3g
                              —Other -
                          • MISCELLANEOUS
                            • —Money recovered - $850
                              —Cell Phones recovered - 0
                              —Other items recovered -
                              • —2 dices.
                          • Lockdowns for December 2016:
                            —0 Lockdown Code Blacks
                            —10 Lockdowns Code Reds
                            —0 Lockdown Code Yellow
                          • Parole operations for December 2016:
                            —5 parolees still under supervision. (46%)
                            —3 parolees successfully completed the parole program. (27%)
                            —3 parolees returned to prison. (27%)
                        (( The Department of Corrections is not responsible for the roleplay style of inmates, the above figures are in no way shape or form a representative of the IC "effectiveness" of the DOC, or any other faction operating within SACF. The overwhelming majority of the time, inmates are caught with their crimes. ))
                          • As customary for a December newsletter, a review of the past year with drawn conclusions will occupy the contents of the Warden's Message.

                            2016 has been, without doubt, an extremely challenging year for the Department. After the numerous valid successes and more or less consistent progress in many fields in 2015, High Command Staff (and several other individual officers, no doubt) were eager to continue their work in improving the Department and the facility. There were a number of major ideas floating around, several of which were feasible, albeit — according to many — overly ambitious. The majority of these concepts were developed enough to properly determine whether they can be used or not, and some were implemented over the year. However, many concepts entered a condition of standstill due to the lack of available manpower to adequately research and develop them. At the end of the year, development with these areas (in spite of a highly challenging atmosphere) started to steadily pick up, and the Department is expected to introduce these concepts in the following two or three months.

                            The aforementioned lack of manpower is clearly defined as the biggest challenge of 2016 for the Department, coupled with and caused by the resignations of several, higher-ranking officers over the past year. Nobody may realistically question the effects this profession may have on individuals, as these issues are known to practically everyone somewhat versed in the field — thus making resignations entirely justified in the vast majority of cases. However, many members of staff often wonder about the reasons behind decisions such as shutting a unit down (which occurred three times this year, two permanently) or lack of progress in certain fields, despite previous announcements.

                            Amidst circumstances that make us experience these very issues at present, I feel it is necessary to inform staff that the primary reason for these problems (which create decisions like those mentioned earlier) is going to be lack of resources, namely manpower. The record number of unfortunate resignations we experienced this year presents a challenge in itself, that we need to tackle. Which is precisely why no member of staff of any rank should feel their work goes unappreciated, if done professionally, with the appropriate amount of effort. Proper work signifies that the officer in question is taking their job seriously, which is how Command and High Command Staff know they can trust an officer with more complex tasks and positions in the future. Therefore, pushing towards advancement in the Department is always going to be rewarded.

                            Despite the above message which may seemingly be negative in nature, there is little reason to be pessimistic towards the coming year. The Department is going to operate under and endure the harshest challenges, and we will continue to improve every aspect that is possible to be improved.

                            Stay motivated and be ever vigilant.
                            JOHN WINNFIELD
                          • The mission of the San Andreas Department of Corrections is to ensure the security of state prisons and the safety of offenders and staff. The Department plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by rehabilitating offenders in order to decrease recidivism and create productive members of society. The Department provides offender management services that protect the community from habitual offenders.

                            The monthly newsletter is intended for sworn and civilian employees and those interested in the activities of the San Andreas Department of Corrections. It is published by the Public Relations Director and contains content prepared by Public Relations Officers and other Department employees. For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Public Relations Director.

                            Warden John Winnfield | Public Relations Director Theodore Lehmbeck
                          San Andreas Department of Corrections
                          Website | Recruitment | News | Info

                          Warden John Winnfield
                          115-9862 / [email protected]

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