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Meet the Officer #01

Post by Department of Corrections » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:06 am

Interview conducted by Correction Officer I Kyle Stadler
August 4, 2016
For the first issue of Meet the Officer, we interviewed 25-year-old Correction Officer I J. Rosewood (pictured), hailing from Essex, United Kingdom. She attended Academy #62 where a total of 29 applications were submitted, 14 of which were accepted and processed. The following interview explores some of the battles she faced to get to where she is today, as a correctional officer working for the San Andreas Department of Corrections.

What caught your eye about Los Santos when you immigrated here?
  • It wasn't really Los Santos itself for me. It's a strange situation, really. I was with my friend, and the police went to pull him over. He for some reason decided to evade. I bailed out of the car, it ripped my dress up, I was cut all over. As I was walking by El Corona, that's where I met a man named Christopher. He took me in, took care of me... we fell in love. He let me stay at his apartment whilst I got myself together. It was a really sweet gesture, I never really left Los Santos since that point. Just for the record, we are no longer together due to complications. But, I will never forget what he did for me.

What was your childhood like?
  • It was really tough. My parents didn't support me whatsoever. I was fighting a war on my own. I won't go into too much detail with it, but with depression. Well, put it this way. You buy an ice cream; you should be happy that you've got an ice cream. But no, your mind can't see that, your mind is more like: "Well, the ice cream is going to melt soon". It drains you, it really does. You can only see the negative perspective of every single situation. With the lack of support from my parents and those around me, I was contemplating taking my life on multiple occasions. It took me so long to convince my parents that I needed to see a doctor. I was prescribed antidepressants in that appointment, and it's helped a lot. The only issue is, it becomes a drug which you rely on if that makes sense. So, I don't know who's gonna be reading this article. But, if by any chance you're young and in a similar situation, don't give up. You're not alone, see a doctor and don't battle through something you don't need to.
What do you think about this job so far? What is your favorite part of it?
  • So far, I've really came to good terms with this career path, and I am enjoying it very much. It's an interesting job, a very fluid environment where different situations are happening literally 24/7. It's hard to pick what my favorite part of the career is, it's really all exciting. I get satisfaction from dealing with the uncooperative inmates. Not entirely sure why, but it's just very satisfying. Not to mention the great colleagues both you and I are working with. We're like a little family, and I love that. I really do.
When did you think becoming a Correctional Officer for the Department of Corrections was for you?
  • At the age of 23, I came across Los Santos. I knew it was the place for me, so I settled down. Had a little vehicle mechanic business running, settled down with Christopher. I was in doubt of where I wanted to go with life, I firstly applied to the Los Santos Police Department. Failed, applied to the LSFD.. withdrew and then that is when I heard about the Department of Corrections. That's where things began changing. It instantly caught my eye, I just got that natural sense that it was the place for me. With the groups of people I've acquainted with, I knew I would settle in really well as a Correctional Officer. And, well, that brings us to today. I'm at one of the happiest points of my life and I don't look back, honestly.
The Public Relations unit is very much thankful to Correction Officer J. Rosewood for taking the time out of her work schedule to participate in this interview. We would also like to address a message to you, the reader:
Know that the Department of Corrections is always looking for new recruits to train. If you think you have what it takes to deal with the toughest of the state, and if you want to work with coworkers who share your values, then the Department of Corrections is the place for you!
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