Vicious Assault Quelled by Staff

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Vicious Assault Quelled by Staff

Post by Department of Corrections » Sun May 08, 2016 6:13 am


In the evening of the 5th of May, one of the inmates in SACF, Richard Mercer, attacked a correctional officer. The officer was attempting to apprehend Mercer in A1. The inmate was to be transported to our facility's Secure Housing Unit (SHU) for violating the Correctional Rehabilitation Code (CRC). Upon approach, inmate Mercer viciously lunged at the officer and as the officer fought back, four inmates interfered and turned the fight into a brawl. Three out of the four interfering inmates attacked the officer.

Thanks to the watchful control personnel monitoring the facility, an alert was quickly given, and nine correctional officers stormed the block and ended the fight. The cell block was successfully pacified and inmate Mercer sustained minor head and nose injuries. The assaulted officer suffered serious injury and his arm was fractured. After receiving appropriate treatment, inmate Mercer was moved to the SHU to serve punitive isolation. The wounded officer was successfully treated by SADOC's Medical Services Unit and will be able to make a full recovery. Four other inmates were apprehended and isolated for their participation in the unrest. Owing to the quick response of correctional staff, no lockdown was necessary and the facility quickly went back to normal operating procedure afterwards.

Every year in our department and across the nation, correctional officers are the victims of heinous attacks from inmates. During each of these incidents in SACF, the swift response of trained correctional staff prevented morbid outcomes. These events provide sad reminders of the hazard correctional officers face every day as they come to work.


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