Mayor Hoover's Speech 10/26

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Mayor Hoover's Speech 10/26

Post by Hoovie » Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:57 am

Brad Hoover gave a speech today on the steps of City Hall. Here is the transcript of his speech.

I am here today to discuss my recent submission of the Hoover Acts into the City Council.
Up till now, we have made rules that describe what citizens cannot do.
The Hoover Acts, however, describe what Government cannot do.
They outline core principals and freedoms that Government cannot violate.
Pass this bill for “Free Speech Zones” that are given the utmost protections for protests and demonstrations.
Pass this bill to protect the use of recording devices like video and picture on all public property.
Pass this bill reaffirm that San Andreas is a “stand your ground” state.
Reaffirm your right to defend yourself and your property.
Pass this bill now to grant you the right to know if you are being detained and why.
The Hoover Acts will curtail the power of Government and give it back to the people.
But I need your help.
If you want this bill you have to make your voice known.
I want you to write, call and email your City Council representatives and tell them to Vote Yes on the Hoover Acts.
Send a message to Andrew Mitchel, Lenny Wilde, Jenny Crawford, Chad Rees and Galen Hawkins.
Tell them to Vote Yes on the Hoover Acts.
Pass this bill now!
Thank you!

Click here for more information about the Hoover Acts.
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