The Hoover Acts - Act Now!

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The Hoover Acts - Act Now!

Post by Hoovie » Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:53 am

The Hoover Acts can be found here.

Encourage City Council members to VOTE YES on the Hoover Acts. Send them an email now! Just copy this message or write your own and click on one of their names below. A box will show up and you can directly send them an email.

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Dear City Council Representative,

As a citizen of Los Santos, I strongly encourage you to support the Hoover Acts. It is time to add protections for citizens and expand our rights. I believe that citzens of our great city deserve to live in a place where they are not afraid of their government and able to exercise their freedoms accordingly. Show your support for freedom by voting Yes on the Hoover Acts.

City Council Membership

Police Department Representative: Andre Mitchell

Sheriffs Department Representative: Lenny Wilde

Fire Department Representative: Jenny Crawford

Department of Corrections Representative: Galen Hawkins

Department of Justice Representative: Chard Reese

Lets get this done!
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