Office of the Councilor

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Office of the Councilor

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    The City Government has now finalized a new way for the people of Los Santos to communicate with the management of the town and finally give a voice to those who deserve one. The Office of the Councilor shall serve as a liaison on the council level for the population of Los Santos. The Government Administration wants to be more assertive regarding the concerns people within LS might have.

    The office also shall serve as an opportunity for the government to have the concerns heard, evaluated and forwarded on a council level to work out possible solutions for long lasting problems, crisis and alike. There always been a lacking opportunity to get the voices of the city heard with this new office the administration will now ensure that raised questions, concerns and suggestions are heard and dealt with.

    The role as the Civil Councilor is easily defined by the representative of the citizens of Los Santos. As Councilor one must represent the city to the best he can. The Councilor is elected or appointed to have a seat in the City Council and thus his voice directly has influence on legislations, laws and acts the City Government decides on. The Councilor is the individual between the Mayor and the public, so he should be the one the citizens chose to approach rather than anyone else in the government. With he we refer to the Office of the Councilor, which directly reports to the elected or appointed Councilor who then choses on how to proceed.

    More specialized decision making structures mean councilors are expected to perform a range of different roles, such as; policy overview & scrutiny, executive decision making, political leadership, determining planning applications and community representation.

    They enable communities to help themselves and provide a vital link between the local authority and the communities which they serve. Non-executive councilors now have more time to focus on improving the communities which they serve, and play more of a role in developing policy and recommending to the Executive, decisions to be made and holding them to account publicly for their decisions, through the scrutiny process, which provides a platform for real issues which affect communities. Issues which can be raised by fellow councilors and members of the public alike, and for in-depth work to be carried out into those issues. A councilor role is now one of influence rather than that of power, influencing the decision makers and holding them to account as well as influencing the key stakeholders within their wards.


    The office consists of the appointed or elected Councilor along with his fellow Councilor of the Police Department, the Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, the Department of Corrections and the Department of Justice. However the head of the office is the civil councilor to ensure a non-biased or influenced progress throughout a meeting or deliberation. Whilst the name already suggests it not only houses the councilors but also is overseen by the Deputy Mayor whom takes charges in case of an absence. The current regulations also include one or more assistants to the assistants to the councilor whom help him evaluate, grade and mark suggestions' or concerns' priority and importance.

    Currently the office is headed by
    Councilor - TAYLA WYATT

    Other individuals of importance within the office are,

    Assistant to the Councilor -N/A

    The Assistants can also act as a representative of the Councilor in case he/she is not available to attend a meeting or conference. An assistant may be appointed to replace him temporarily and voice the councilors opinion on the matter.


    Whilst Los Santos already offers it's population a variety of services, representation has always been lacking. With the introduction of the office the aims are set to ensure proper representations of the citizens on a state wide level. This includes but is not only limited to City Council Meetings.

    The Office of the Councilor offers everyone the possibility to arrange a meeting with the current Councilor or one of his assistants to discuss manners in private. These concerns if deemed worthy will then be brought up to the City Council and discussed. A meeting with the Councilor is private and will only be forwarded to the City Council and it's members.

    The difference between a meeting with the Councilor himself and with one of his assistants is, the assistant must forward the topic(s) of discussion to the Councilor or the other assistants to make a final call on whether it shall be forwarded or archived. The process after the discussion between the assistants and the Councilor is the same as before, it will be forwarded to the City Council and discussed.

    Despite this direct representation the office also offers a service to the members of the community during a law suit. The office will take care of providing you with a lawyer free-of-charge if they were not able to hire one for their representation. This service is limited to lawyers within the Department of Justice, no private lawyers will be sent to represent the plaintiff or defendant in a court of law. The office will help to arrange meetings prior and during the trail so you have the best possible contact to your legal representative.


    • Public liaison
    • Representation of the citizens of Los Santos on a council level
    • Offer assistance to those who require (Legal representation, Welfare, etc)
    • Representation of the Councilor and the City Government
    • An easily reachable and effective government
    • Offer citizens someone they can speak with
    • Ensure the well-doing of the city and its population


    The government has different ways and means of communication internally. However, the most used and most effective one is by far e-Mail contact. Members of the City Council as well as the employees regularly use this service to keep one another up-to-date, so we would recommend first e-Mailing us about your concern. If we then deem it necessary to set up a personal meeting or if it is your inquiry we will then proceed to set up a meeting with the person of your desire.

    The public e-Mail address for the Government of Los Santos:
    [email protected]

    The public voice mail of the Councilor:

    The set up an e-Mail follow these instructions:
      • First and foremost make sure you label your e-Mail topic correct with either Office of the Mayor - Inquiry | Office of the Councilor - Inquiry | City Council - Inquiry. e-Mails labeled different will be ignored and filtered automatically by our spamfilter.

      • The content must not contain any form of spy/malware.

      • The inquiry must be formulated understandable and must not contain foreign languages. Along with that please go into full detail and explain your situation to us.

      • If you wish to set up a meeting with a Councilor please explicitly state it and follow the given format at the bottom of this document.*

      • Response times, we try to answer your e-Mails as fast as we can but please understand if it takes 48 to 72 hours for us to come back to you with the confirmation we have received your e-Mail.

      • Once you have received your confirmation e-Mail please remain patient it will take another 48 to 72 hours for the Office of the Councilor to process your request. Once we have processed it, you will receive a notification of what will happen next.

      • In case of an archival of your inquiry it does not mean it will not be processed. It means it will not be processed within the next weeks but it is safely archived and ready to be used. Please do not spam us with the same inquiries because we have archived yours.

      • In case we deem it suitable for your inquiry to be forwarded to the City Council you will be contacted and asked to attend an interview and questioning with the Councilor to clear possible misunderstandings before it goes to the tables.

      • Threats and alike will be forwarded to the police regardless of kind, matter and source.

    *Format for a meeting with the Councilor/Assistant to the Councilor

    Code: Select all

    [b]Cellphone number:[/b]
    [b]e-mail address:[/b]

    [b]Have you ever been arrested?[/b] Yes/No
    If yes:
    [b]Why do you wish to see the Councilor or their Assistants?[/b]

    With sending this letter to the government of Los Santos I, Name Name, agree for a criminal background check. Everything said within this e-Mail will be handled confidential and I will not publish any of it. I also hereby declare that everything said in this document is the truth. With signing this document I do also acknowledge that a meeting can be declined with a reason being stated.

    Name_Name (Signature)



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