Note from the Mayor

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Note from the Mayor

Post by Hoovie » Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:51 pm

Written by Brad Hoover

This is my first note to the public and I've only been mayor for about half a day and boy do things move quickly around here. The office is working frantically to get the court system reinstated. The timeline for that is within a few days. Judges are being briefed and public defenders and district attorneys are being hired. It is really, quite a circus.

Next in line is the selection of my partner, my Deputy Mayor. While I already have a few names in place, below will be a small form for people who are interested in being considered to fill it out and send it back to my office. I'll make a selection within this work week((forumpm)).

The City Council will convene soon and begin its regular duty as there is quite a backlog of work from the previous administration.

- Brad Hoover

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Phone Number:
Current profession:
Previous work:
Why are you qualified to be Deputy Mayor?:
Do you have experience in public policy?:
If chosen, you would sit on the City Council. what would you do with that power?:
What separates you from everyone else?:


Written by:
Brad Hoover
E-mail: [email protected]
Approved by:
Brad Hoover
E-mail: [email protected]


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James Hoover - Jim's older brother, retired Deputy Mayor
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Re: Note from the Mayor

Post by whyapac » Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:41 am

**You've got mail!**

From - [email protected]

Name: Gregory E. Clarkson IV

Phone Number: 141-4953

Current profession: I tamper around with many jobs, most of them are not under a long-term contract; I currently am doing jobs as private-security for one of my long-time pals.

Previous work: I worked belongside a Law Firm for two years, I was designated to do field-work in-which I would patrol around a sanction of the desert to fend off trespassers from getting onto private-property, I was formerly a Private Detective working for an agency.

Why are you qualified to be Deputy Mayor?: In my opinion, I think I overmeet the standards and set-down requirements and i'm capable for being the Deputy Mayor because I have quite some knowledge on the basis of Politics and Law as seen in my experience stated above. In my eyes, I don't think the city would live up to its full-potential without a person such as myself running alongside it.

Do you have experience in public policy?: As stated above, I was formerly a certified man who had passed there STATE BAR exam, until the system was wiped. I'm quite aware about the basis of institutional customs and constitutional law promoting Legislation in the Federal Code.

If chosen, you would sit on the City Council. what would you do with that power?: Alongside of City Council I would use my power only when it would be my turn to step into the equation, and I would use it responsibly and carefully only to fill out the needs and orders given to me by high-command.

What separates you from everyone else?: I'm a happy-go-friendly type of guy, I like to be hands-on about everything and I dedicate all my time and effort to helping people feel safe and warm and snuggly inside, just so I can actually go to sleep at night feeling good. I don't think many people could dedicate all there time just to fulfill there orders and duties; while on the other hand - I can.

Please feel free to E-Mail me at anytime, as I can check it; but I will not be in-town for the next few days due to some upcoming events, thank you.

P.S. - I think I met you when I was a kid quite awhile back, nice to see your Mayor like you always wanted.
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