The Recruitment Process [Procedure guidelines]

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The Recruitment Process [Procedure guidelines]

Post by Rashid_Jamal » Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:21 pm

Police Recruitment Procedure and Steps

All accepted PD applicants MUST be interviewed on TeamSpeak and tested on their roleplay before each academy start.

Teamspeak 3 information:

LS-RP TeamSpeak 3 Guide

Wait in the LSPD lobby stating on your name that you're waiting for an interview:
'NAME HERE - Awaiting Interview'
For example: Rashid Jamal - Awaiting Interview

(Self -> Change nickname)

Interview Length: 10-15 minutes.

With a lot of consolidation and planning, the recruitment unit will be making the following amendments to the current recruitment procedure in an en devour to improve the efficiency of enlisting applicants with the unnecessary OOC constraints on roleplay testing. As a result, please pay extra attention to the information below on the changes we have made, and implemented from hereon out.

New recruitment procedure in a nutshell:
1.) Application stage
2.) Teamspeak (VOIP) Interview
3.) IG interview (/Roleplay test)


The application format has been edited. You are urged to use the new format before applying. I want to stipulate the importance and the use of the OOC application agreement which is there for us to take administrative action against those who lie, or violate recruitment policy stipulated in the recruitment guideline thread. We will not take this lightly and will record each and every violation and report you accordingly.

Teamspeak Interview

If you pass your IG interview (/RP test) you will now be required to do a Teamspeak (TS) Interview. The TS interview is usually done straight after the IG interview depending on the recruitment officers liking and time he has available. If you are unable to do your TS interview after your IG interview then you are to place "-Waiting TS interview" next to your TS name and wait in the appropriate recruitment process channel until a recruitment officer is available to assist you.


This is a newly implemented process which is essentially an IC based interview involving more roleplay for the recruitment unit and the applicant instead of continuous OOC tests as aforementioned were not effective. This will encompass both your roleplay ability whilst being interviewed so you are urged to roleplay accordingly.
You are to wait in the LSPD lobby, and are not to go OOC at all. If there is no one to assist you please do not shout or scream in the lobby. Simply call 911 and indicate non emergency asking for a recruitment officer. DO NOT SPAM THE 911 LINE, CALL ONCE. If you violate any of these rules you will be denied immediately and told to re-apply for the next academy.


That concludes the amendments made. We urge you to co-operate and be patient as we go by it for the first time next academy.

  • Do NOT bother recruitment officers.
  • Do NOT call 911 requesting an interview more than once in a 1 hour time frame (IE. You can only call 911 non emergency asking for an interview once every hour)
  • Do NOT shout in the LSPD lobby.

If you either fail your IG Interview or Teamspeak Interview you can only re-apply for the NEXT academy! IE. If its Academy #7, you can only re-apply for Academy #8. Trying to flunk this system will get you a permanent ban from re-applying.

Failing your ACADEMY EXAM wrote:In accordance to an academy student who has successfully completed the Recruitment Phase (Application accepted + RP test accepted + Interview accepted) and then proceeds in the academy phase but FAILS his/her academy exam, you will NOT be allowed to re-apply for the next available academy but instead the one directly after the next one.

IE. John Kavanaugh applies for Academy #7. He gets accepted. His interview also is accepted as well as his RP test. Mr Kavanaugh registers onto the LSPD forum, gets added to the academy usergroup and sees the academy times etc. John Kavanaugh attends an academy on Saturday but after receiving the results the following day and he has failed he may only re-apply for academy #9. He will NOT be allowed to apply for academy #8 as it comes directly after #7.

Getting a name change after an academy will NOT make you eligible to re-apply. You will need to wait regardless of what account / character you are using.

Many people are not taking any note of this. Further applicants to not take any note of the above WILL result in a months ban from re-applying.

Recruitment Officers:

Spoiler: show
Recruitment Command Team:
  • Commanding Officer of Police Recruitment Montez Lazaro - [Adio]
  • Assistant Commanding Officer of Police Recruitment Niko Storm - [Shinigami]

Senior Recruitment Officers:
  • Regan Miller - [kavinsky]
  • Caesar Moretta - [RooKmy]
  • Alexis Miller - [Pitchounette]
  • Andrew Hurst - [Sully]
  • Nicky Rogers - [Chiky]
  • Stephen Queenan - [Joonas]
  • Jason Deluca - [Swagzilla]
  • Bradley Evans - [mistique]
  • Katie Young - [Crazy Nate]

Recruitment Officers:
  • Richard Gallagher - [Frodo]
  • Devlin Conway [Devlin]
  • Carmine Cannone - [Makaveli]
  • Benjamin Hunter - [Tweakoid.]
  • Frank Manten - [Ministry]
  • Antoine Raynard - [Nathan]
  • Glen Wright -[Glen_Wright]
  • James Jablonski - [Chaddie^]
  • Alex Higlooa - [Jack_Jacko]
  • Michael Benitez - [Noble]

Note: Recruitment officers WILL have the LSPD icon and "[Recruitment Officer]" tag in recruitment channels.
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