[Detective Job] Jimmy Galterio [D]

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[Detective Job] Jimmy Galterio [D]

Post by Byarry » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:11 am

Applying for the job does not guarantee that you will get it. Following the recent revisions made to the detective job, the job itself is no longer accessible by every player in the server. In an effort to ensure that the role-play surrounding private investigations - be it on a legal or illegal front - is rewarding for those involved & that the niche field of role-play is given the attention it deserves, the job is only open to those who are going to use it as a primary means of role-play. If you do not intend on doing so, do not bother posting this application as we will not struggle to recognise those who want the job for genuine purposes and those that do not.
  • In-Game Name: Jimmy_Galterio
    Level: 18
    Are you currently role-playing with a faction?: Yes
    • If yes, which?: Jimmy Galterio used to work with someone in Bellantonio Family and he is currently trying to work back in, and Jimmy's current LEGAL job is at North-West Saniation (Front of Malangone Crime Family)
    • If yes, how does investigative role-play relate to your role within said faction?: Jimmy is basically a FIXER, Jimmy blackmail people for a living, he fixes people's problems in a dirty way, he provides fake identities and etc. For example, if someone wants to go abroad and the person has a problem with his identification, Jimmy provides them fake ID's (rply provided by someone in an organized crime), and uses his investigative strategy on tracking who's going to be the staffs on a certain time in the airport, and identifies who's going to be the pilot on the flight, Jimmy makes sure the person who paid him goes out from the country with no problems by tracking people's movements (like shift changes).
    Why do you want the detective job?: I would like to enhance my roleplay creativity by being able to TRACK people in a better way, Jimmy has been tracking people In-game without the job itself which makes him harder to find people compared when I have the access on the features of the detective job in-game. This is an example, see the screenshot below. I tracked the guy once (without the script job), which made me had a hard time looking for him, but successfully found him with someone else, in a house (not confirmed if it's his or not), and Jimmy told him again that he will collect the money from the blackmail that can be seen on the screenshot. So basically, with the script job of "DETECTIVE JOB" would really be helpful to improve the quality of the roleplay I'm having on my character, because tracking people involved in the roleplay development that I'm having would be much easier.

    The Blackmail Situation (see this first): LINK

    Tracking Situation:
    Found the target
    Entered to their home
    Told Tyrone that Jimmy is going back to collect his money

    How do you intend on using the detective job?:

    I will use the detective job in a way to track people using their devices (knowing their numbers), it is very useful in a roleplay such as Blackmailing scheme, Jimmy tracks potential victims on who he can easily manipulate, for example, see this screenshot, as you can see, Jimmy uses his fixer skills by preparing fake ID's to control people on what Jimmy desired until he gets what he wants. Jimmy then told the victim that he will be back next week to collect another money from him in order for them to continue on operating their chinese restaurant, which was a blackmail. Having the detective job would be easier for me to find them back, especially by using the features provided on the script.
    These are just one of the examples I've provided that JImmy Galterio is a character who really needs a "detective job script" to enhance the roleplay that the character is developing.

    I am very much aware that any misuse of this feature will result into punishment, and it could permanently prevent me from using this feature ever again, I swear I will not use this to break any rules, and I will use this in a fair manner with proper roleplay involved.

Should you be given the job, be aware that any misuse of its features will result in significant repercussions. If at any point you name-change, be it by choice or as a result of a character kill, you must /leavejob. Failure to do so may potentially result in repercussions too.

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Re: [Detective Job] Jimmy Galterio

Post by Cole. » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:39 pm

Your detective job application has been denied!

  • Inadequate reasoning regarding the usage of the job.
Do not bother the handling staff member after your application has been denied. If you think the decision is unjust, make a report to the Head of Side-Job Moderators (current — jopp).


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