[Detective Job] - Brayden Taylor

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[Detective Job] - Brayden Taylor

Post by TimAYLOR » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:55 am

Applying for the job does not guarantee that you will get it. Following the recent revisions made to the detective job, the job itself is no longer accessible by every player in the server. In an effort to ensure that the role-play surrounding private investigations - be it on a legal or illegal front - is rewarding for those involved & that the niche field of role-play is given the attention it deserves, the job is only open to those who are going to use it as a primary means of role-play. If you do not intend on doing so, do not bother posting this application as we will not struggle to recognise those who want the job for genuine purposes and those that do not.
  • In-Game Name: Brayden Taylor Level: 41 Are you currently role-playing with a faction?: Yes
    • If yes, which?: Genesis Incorporated
    • If yes, how does investigative role-play relate to your role within said faction?: Investigative role-play relate to my role within the faction due fact that I'm holding a board seat at Genesis Corporation and am owner of it's daughter incorporation called San Andreas Protective Services, this is a corporate security and investigative security services provider.
    Why do you want the detective job?: I would want to have the Detective Job so that I can improve realism for the services I wish to provide with the faction, the daughter corporation that I own is made to provide a person or an organization with security and investigative services, you could see this in multiple ways. But a most common way would be providing personal security, as Los Santos and San Andreas as it's whole is quite a common problem for people who are living a life with luxury or are occupying positions which cause people to plan attacks on a certain person or organization. We would like to be a step ahead and use more advanced equipment, I specifically want it because of my position within the faction, knowing this job is exclusive and other owner of SA Protective already possesses the job I think it's important that both key figures should have it. I also want the job because I find that I hold plenty of responsibility in myself to not misuse it's abilities. I've held it for quite an amount of time while I've been in several factions, take for example SADOC and Sheriff Department, in these two factions I already had the job for ages.

    I find that I match the criteria of receiving the job, my main goal on my character is to support his own company with investigative and protective equipment, the equipment this job provides is exactly the type of equipment to counter an attack without having to fire a single bullet. As much as the employees are lifeshields, avoiding it would always be best.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?: Wisely, I intend to use this job only for benefit of our customer and our company through legal matters, this means that the job will be used to counter something, take for example an event is taking place, however a client has issues with a certain group of individuals, unfortunately the event is not as public and no law enforcement is there to protect the guests. We could fly in a drone, or with help of trackers either surveillance the area or keep a close track of our protectees by trackers, may there be any situation which would require extra intel we either have a drone on stand by to scan the area, this would lower risk of both client and personnel, this also would be a great solution to spot out a sniper fire as a drone can go up much higher than a person can shoot from. With trackers we could in case of a succesful kidnap attack easily provide law enforcement with an accurate location pin point of our client, thus leading them to find the client and it's kidnappers, this all lowers the risk and waste of services by having accurate intel. Our faction feeds itself with intel in order to prevent something to happen, rather than face it like cowboys did in 1700s. It be very realistic to have advanced equipment as this as our company has build itself quite a fortune already, thus the equipment would realistically be bought regardless of it's price being high. I believe that we could generate some great roleplay with help of the Detective Job, therefor I'd like to receive the job myself and provide the services our people direly need. Of course, some of it could be done through roleplay, however there's a limit to that. Therefor the job would come of great use.

    I'd like to answer any given question that is not listed in this application in PM, may there be any. I'm more than willing to explain in as many words desired why I would want this job. But to put it straight forward, I think with a security and investigative company specificially for a corporate side it be common sense to have hold of these equipment.
Should you be given the job, be aware that any misuse of its features will result in significant repercussions. If at any point you name-change, be it by choice or as a result of a character kill, you must /leavejob. Failure to do so may potentially result in repercussions too.

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Re: [Detective Job] - Brayden Taylor

Post by Superb » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:08 pm

Your detective job application has been accepted!
  • What now?
    • Make a /re in-game explaining that your job application was accepted and that you need it to be given to you.
    • Ensure that you're familiar with the rules outlined in the application.
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