[Kung Fu Instructor] Hei Xiaomin [A]

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[Kung Fu Instructor] Hei Xiaomin [A]

Postby Derpatory on Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:35 pm

Which fighting instructor sidejob do you want?: Kung Fu Instructor

Ingame name: Hei Xiaomin

Ingame age: 23

Character's story(You can use the story from your application):

Xiaomin Hei is originally from Guangdong, PRC. She was trafficked into the United States at the age of thirteen after being sold by her uncle to cover a gambling debt. She hasn't seen her family since the event. As a youth, she often got into trouble due to her sheer aggressiveness toward other people. In her teenage years, she began to be mentored by her boss's father when she worked at a local Chinese restaurant in San Jose. She began to channel her energy in a more positive way through cooking and practicing Wing Chun.
Despite this, she still often became involved in assaults defensively. This spurred her to participate in amateur fighting tournaments hosted by local gyms. She had some success but never excelled past a semi-professional level. As she has matured and become more at peace with herself, she shined focus on teaching fitness to other people, mainly friends. While for some these sessions would focus purely on the art of Wing Chun, other ones would place an emphasis purely on exercise. Hei's ultimate goal through her sessions is to discover inner peace in one's self. It was merely a hobby to help loved ones and a little cash on the side.
Since experiencing difficulty in finding steady well paying work in the culinary field, Hei has recently been considering turning her hobby into a professional career.
While currently, she is unsure of what venue she will use to spread the art, she has already developed a course.

Ingame level: 18

What type of roleplayer are you? (Cop/Gang/Mafia/Gov/Civilian)
Pretty much the character is just a petty crook. She's not currently attached to a faction of any kind.
How do you plan to treat the instructor job(Roleplaying/giving it out/training)?

I plan to either work at a local gym or use one that I have access to currently at a house in Ganton. I'd prefer the first one cause... I wanna turn that into a home, plus with another person's gym, I'd get more people to roleplay with.
I don't intend to just give the job out after a session or anyone who just joins the class. My course will have multiple sessions to attain a Hok Yeun Yat Kup belt. This is the first basic level of Wing Chun.
With that being said there will be more advanced classes to learn new forms, gain new belt levels, and to practice sparring in a realistic environment. The script bit will be taken care of at the first level, though, advanced classes will also cost less for that reason.
As stated in the story previously my character has basically done private fitness instructing so that is another service my character can offer to other people.


Day 1:
First, there will be an introduction to the principles of Wing Chun and a little about its history. I will also include how helpful it can be to a person's well-being.
I will explain that Wing Chun follows the center line theory (center mass) which has total influence over your actions in a fight. You must defend your center line and attack theirs. Attacks should try to weaken or hit the opponent's center line.
In Wing Chun, you must conserve energy. Wing Chun basically goes with the flow, you shouldn't exert much energy on rushing the opponent. Rather you should deflect and project their energy back on them.

Wing Chun has several forms which I'll introduce to the students by teaching the first one: Siu nim tao.

In terms of physical exercise, for the first day we would be doing exercises that focus on the principles I listed above. I will also teach techniques to remain relaxed. To just be a little more specific in terms of exercises... We'd be using free weights and doing some lifts and lunges. Squats, jumping jacks, crunches, maybe some yoga asanas. I intend to switch these up to see which people like the most.

Day 2:
We will start learning Siu Nam Tao which is started by learning the open stance. Prior to this warm up exercises will be done. The key to this stance is understanding that in Wing Chun the body must be relaxed.
I will teach them how to do the open stance properly. After this we can focus on using the student's energy and projecting it. Palm strikes will be done on air first then on dummies. From there we can move onto defensive techniques such as Pak Sau, Huen Sau, Tan Sau, Gan Sau, etc. This is done with both hands to ensure the student doesn't favor one side more than the other.

Day 3:
We will move onto Chum Kiu which focuses on footwork. This is where energy conservation is taught. I will teach the different types of techniques the students can use and emphasize that Wing Chun uses all limbs.
We'll move from more mobile techniques to deflecting an opponent's attack. Not only this but I will teach the students to move their body as a single unit rather than just doing a single strike.
From there we can focus on combining all these techniques together and do sparring. Based on the overall performance of the students throughout the class I will reward them with their first basic belt.

The course itself would probably be $5000 per session for an amount of $15,000 for the entry course.
As said before... I want to do the other ones for cheaper, they'll likely be more personalized as well. For that, it'd be about half the price.
I intend to not only do stuff related to Wing Chun, through this job I want to basically RP a general fitness instructor.

If students would like to continue their training past the job then I will have more advanced courses to teach higher forms of this martial art. These classes will not only focuses on hand to hand combat but melee weapons as well. Due to the laws, I can't teach all of them though at least legally.

Every fighting style you give out will give out to a warning to all the admins & testers online so abusing will be caught on the spot. Abusing the side-job will get you punished for however long or much the staff member feels would be necessary. You must /leavejob upon namechanging or if you were removed due to inactivity or other reason. Sign your name if you are competent enough to handle this side-job and will not abuse:
Hei Xiaomin
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Re: [Kung Fu Instructor] Hei Xiaomin

Postby Picky on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:55 am

ImageWe're happy to announce your application has been accepted!

  • Congratulations on being accepted, please contact an Admin in-game via /re to obtain the job.
  • Remember to /leavesidejob when you namechange or no longer wish to have the side-job anymore.
  • Please let us know if you CK or NC by posting here or sending a PM
  • Remember you're require to post in this application log every time you give out the fightstyle to the player using the format below.


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Re: [Kung Fu Instructor] Hei Xiaomin [A]

Postby Derpatory on Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:30 am

Player given fightstyle: Gabriel Lawson
Date/Time fightstyle given: 20:00/21:00ish 16/1/17
Proof of IC method fightstyle roleplay http://imgur.com/a/Kp3f8

Player given fightstyle: Zyu Wei
Date/Time fightstyle given: 20:00/21:00ish 16/1/17
Proof of IC method fightstyle roleplay http://imgur.com/a/Kp3f8
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