Official Status: Guidelines & Requirements

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Official Status: Guidelines & Requirements

Post by Pitchounette » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:16 am

Official Status: Guidelines & Requirements
Please send all of the notification or update to the Head of Factions.

Leadership. Leadership plays a big role in a faction and is one of the key considerations. Strong, active and constant leadership means a stable and organized faction. Faction management will repeatedly contact the leadership of a faction for any kinds of issues or concerns.

Constant activity. A faction will need to be able to stay active and stable over time and not dismantle after a few weeks. The faction management will need to see and be sure that a faction has it in them to stay active. By average, you will need at least 5-10 members to be considered as active.

Creating and offering roleplay. Official factions of LS:RP must be able to create and provide internal and external roleplay with his/her faction, or have something to offer to the rest of the LS:RP players.

Faction environment and realism aspect. A faction doesn't necessarily need to be extremely realistic. Simply be feasible, make sense, be realistic to a degree, unique and most of all: have fun. Create an environment where people enjoy being around you or your faction and still being within the world of San Andreas.

LS:RP rules and common sense. Being an official faction means you are representing the server and are expected to be a rolemodel for the community. Your faction should be looked up to by players and set a good example. Be sure that you are constantly following the server rules and are aware of any changes.

Faction slot/types. Simply put: there is no official faction limit. There are only limited restricted properties. A certain type of faction may not be granted either a drug store or a weapon factory, but will be compensated with something else. There are also no restrictions to the type of faction that can become official.

Notification/Monthly Updates
A notification to faction management is required so we understand that a faction wants to be considered for official status. You will need to do this after your faction has been running steadily for at least 1 month. If you received no reply and there were no issues with your notification then you should be forwarding monthly updates after another month has passed. This is so faction management are fully informed about your faction.

In short: 1 month → notification → 1 month → monthly update → 1 month → monthly update, so on.

Doing this does in no way guarantee that the faction will become official. All it does is inform the factions management that the faction believes that it is ready for official and would like to be considered. If no update is forwarded, we will assume the faction has no interest in official status.

Notification Format [SHOW]

Notification format: Do NOT add any spoilers

Code: Select all

    [divbox=#ffffff][center][size=120]Faction name here[/size][/center]

    [b]Faction type:[/b]
    [b]Faction thread:[/b]

    [b]When was the faction created and has it been running actively/continuously since? If not, why?:[/b]

    [b]List all current leaders (in-game and forum names) and how long they have been in their position:[/b]

    [b]If applicable, list all past leaders (in-game and forum names) and explain why they are no longer in their position:[/b]

    [b]List day-to-day role-play activities of the faction and explain them briefly if necessary:[/b]

    [b]List all official faction members (insiders, not outsiders!) with their name (in-game and forum), type of rank (low/middle/high) and their current activity status (active/inactive):[/b]

    [b]How well do you know and how much/why do you trust your faction insiders and fellow leaders (not only within the faction but also with their behaviour/role-play on LS-RP)?:[/b]

    [b]Why does this faction deserve becoming official? And why is it ready for the desired status?:[/b]

Monthly Updates Format [SHOW]

Monthly update format: Do NOT add any spoilers

Code: Select all

[divbox=#ffffff][center][size=120]Faction name, DD/MMM/YYYY[/size][/center]
[b]List all official faction members (insiders, not outsiders!) with their name (in-game and forum), type of rank (low/middle/high) and their current activity status (active/inactive):[/b]

[b][i]Optional:[/i] list all not-inducted faction members with their name (in-game and forum) and their current activity status (active/inactive):[/b]

[b]Please list any noteable faction changes during the past month, including how [i]you[/i] think your faction has been doing:[/b][/divbox]

NOTE: Notification and monthly updates are only to be submitted by the respective faction leaders or co-leader if the leader is absent. You will not receive any reply unless there are issues with the updates or notifications. Please send all of the notifications or updates to the Head of Factions.
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