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Suggestions Forum — Update

Post by Surreal » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:35 am

Hey everyone,
In previous updates, I have mentioned that we are going to go through the suggestions forum to finally give it a proper spring cleaning as it has been neglected for many years. This will involve myself, Mmartin and a few other individuals going through the entire suggestions forum and sorting everything into two piles. We will deny and archive any suggestions that we feel are not feasible script-wise or just do not want to include in the server OR we will move them to the "forwarded suggestions" section if we think that they are feasible to script and a good idea. Everything will be gone through (even the existing forwarded suggestions) so we have a more tight-knit pool of ideas that the development team can use for working on new server features between their own major projects. We will then proceed to monitor the suggestions forum and ensure that we maintain it as opposed to let it stack up and become what it is at the moment.

The suggestions forum will be closed as of March 1st 2017 to stop new entries and posts being made, and we will then look at working through the suggestions forum in the way that I just explained. If you have any bright ideas or feedback that you want to leave, please do so now as you will be unable to post in the section from the start of next month.
Many thanks,


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