[GUIDE] Breaking into cars

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[GUIDE] Breaking into cars

Post by DimchezFX » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:27 pm

So.. I see a lot of players saying that the hotwire proccess is very hard for them.. I actually find it very easy with a little bit of practice..

1.How to successfully break into a car?
Well, there is no safe way to do this, but there are some tips that can help you!
First of all, when you try to break into a car, NEVER go with no weapon at all, never try to break into a car with fists. What I suggest is, to go with a bat.. When you plan to go to break into a car, first of all, look around the area, and see if there are players that are cyrcling around you [ possible people who can report you to the police ]. If there are no people, RP your way that you are hitting the car's window and check if there is an alarm [ Shown in the video ].. If there is an alarm, make some circles around the area, and see if the owner of the car or the police pops up to the location. If there are no players coming to your location, then RP your way hitting the window again, and no alarm will pop up!

2. How to hotwire the car?
Well, when you get into the car, you should focus on the words..
Before starting the unscrambling [hotwiring] process, you should copy "/uns " with space after the letter "s" so that you can directly type in the word! In LS:RP theree are around 150 words to unscramble at all, as I've shown in the video, the most common are: accent, babe, travel, enjoy, four, five, doll, lady etc. When you see a new word, just try to remember it or write it on paper, when you try to hotwire more and more cars, your knowledge will be richer. I won't guarantee you that you'll succeed on the first try, but after a good amount of tries, you'll be able to hotwire cars under 20 seconds. If you weren't successfull, and you have 5 seconds left, just leave the car, and re-enter the vehicle again [ if an alarm doesn't pop up ].

I didn't check if someone else did a guide similar to this, but I made this on my own!

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Re: [GUIDE] Breaking into cars

Post by .kickback » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:29 am

Really good guide.

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