[GUIDE] Pimp Guide.

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[GUIDE] Pimp Guide.

Post by quezd » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:09 pm


You see, people think being a "pimp" is just having prostitutes on a corner making money. Which is technically not true at all. Pimping can be in a motivating way, helping out females. Let me elaborate into the details. Why not take a girl, and make her world bigger and better? Have her survive through the bad times in any weather, and have her in smooth shit like leather. While I elaborate, don't hate. Please, please, just appreciate.

Let me keep you away from the simps. Simp meaning as in showing your feelings to a female. For instance: "Baby, I love you so much. I'm so glad I ran into you." That's a definition of a simp, way far from a pimp. You need to always be on the top of your game, so you don't show no shame. First off, to avoid simping. When you talk to a female, you want to easily go in knowing you won't be showing no feelings. Whoever cares the most, will get hurt. You don't want that person to be you. So by staying true t the game, this is what you do.

How to get a itty bitty hoe.

Easily just start asking questions like "What do you want to become?" Whatever she says, think of creative ideas on how you can make it happen. Sell her a reality, and make it a better mentality. Let her know how she can attract the dough, and give you the dough as well. Once you get in her head, you got her soul, her heart, and think Lilo & Stitch. Y'all will never break apart, and if you know what you doing and she know what she pursuing. Never get her confused, because that's how she'll get mis-used. When she telling you all of her dreams, and passions in life. Always keep it in mind, you don't want to tell her to much about yourself. Because once you reveal your secrets, you're no longer mysterious. Have a female chase you, because if she don't then she'll easily erase you.[/COLOR]

Different Types of Pimps.

Romeo Pimping - "Romeo" will buy a female things to keep her mindset on the same level of bigger things. For instance, buying a female a nice pair of heels and a dress. She'll feel like she on the top of the world, reason being of what you did.

Guerilla Pimping - "Guerilla" Pimping, is putting your hands on a female when she doesn't listen.

C.E.O Pimping - You got your fellow pimps on social media. Speaking to instagram models, and etc. Gassing there head up on how they could get bigger.

Which one are you? Me personally, I'm more of a Romeo pimp. Speaking nice to a female, just to sell her a dream in reality. Guerilla pimping, isn't my style. Not everyone is a pimp, so with you reading this guide. I hope you find yourself, and stop simping. And actually start pimping, believe me. It's a lifestyle.

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Re: [GUIDE] Pimp Guide.

Post by Guapane$e. » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:33 am

This sounds like a troll guide. I done been around real pimping. I wish you would've elaborated because most pimps aren't "Romeo Pimping". They usually start out that way to get the prostitute to go for them, but afterwards is when they turn into Guerilla Pimp. Most Pimps use drugs to keep their "hoes" down, which they usually are already addicted to something considering their lifestyle; at least the prostitutes I've seen. I'll maybe make a real guide to counter-act this. There's so many other dynamics that go into "pimping", it's not really fair of you to make such a short guide with slick sayings to make it seem official. LOL

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