[GUIDE] Bloods and Crips.

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[GUIDE] Bloods and Crips.

Postby quezd on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:08 pm


Okay it's Quez DA P, the one you want to be. I'm here back again. So, I made blood and crip guides for other servers because some of them were confused. Decided to make one for LSRP because I see alot of problems. I was Let's get straight to the point.

Crip,the true meaning of crip. Crip means "Community Restoration in Progress." Back in the day, before it got out of control. It was just for a community purpose, to help the people out of the neighborhood. It still is to a certain extent, but now it's involved with drugs and money. Hince, gang-banging. Gangbanging, came into play during the the crack epidemic era in Los Angeles. Now, advancing into today's 2017. Just because you're roleplaying a crip, and meet another crip doesn't mean you guys are just allies off tops. All rollin gangs such as: (Rollin 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 80s, 90s, and 100s) beef with trays. Trays, meaning any gang that falls underneath the 3x umbrella. The most infamous gang, that falls under the "3" card is 8-Trey Gangsta Crip. It's been a true rilvarly built up between both factions, and it won't change. [/COLOR]

When roleplaying a crip, do not abuse "cuz" nonstop. You can, but the people I have ran into with my personal experience. Don't usually abuse it every sentence, even though I ran into someone people who constantly say "on crip." A typical diss to a crip, is "crab." If he's roleplaying in a certain faction, for instance. If someone is from Rollin 60s, a way to diss them is by saying "Sissy." A way to diss someone from 8-Trey Gangsta Crip, is a way of saying "tramp." It disrespects the x3 card. A lot of people didn't know what these terminologies meant, but now I'm helping you out. Continue to read this guide, that went over the crips. Now, let me skip to the bloods to show you.[/COLOR]

Bloods[/COLOR],the true meaning of Blood. Blood means "Blood Love Overcomes Our Depressions". Like I said prior with crips. Back in the day, it was meant for what it stood for. Everyone having each other back, and doing good for the community. Now it's in a whole different light. Once again, just because you're roleplaying a blood does not mean you are cool with every blood. It depends on what set they are from. Real life example, the Mad Swan Bloods have a rival called "Pueblo Bishop Bloods." It's been a on-going rival for years. A white flag won't be raised at all.

Piru & Hoover Criminal.

Those are different topics. Piru still afiliated with blood, but is different. Piru stands for "Pimps in Red Uniform." Hoover doesn't have an acronym, but they wear orange. 52nd Hoover Gangsta Crip is the only hoover gang that sports blue. All the other hoover gangs such as "74 Hoover" and "94 Hoover" wear orange. But in today's reality, color doesn't meaning anything. You can wear anything you want, just as long as people know where you are from. Still to this day though, people press over clothing.


Bloods usually say: "Blood." For instance, I will use an example sentence. "What up blood?"
Brackin - Ideally, it means "What's good?" For instance: "What's brackin, blood?" It's replacing what crips usually say as in: "What's crackin'?"
Boolin - Basically, it means coolin. Just replacing the C with a B.

Crips usually say: "Cuz." It can be replaced for bro, or anything else related.
Crackin - "What's crackin cuz?" Meaning, what's good.
Coolin - What it says, just relaxing.

Piru's usually say: "Ru." Can be replaced with anything else.
Not to much slang, that I have revealed from Piru's.

Hoover's usually say: "Groove."
roove - Since, hoover's define themselves as groovy. They say it as in a respect way to each other.
Crim - "Crim" as in "Criminal." Because they fall underneath the criminal card, except for 52nd Hoover Gangsta Crip. They don't fall underneath the criminal card.

Now, you probably are like what's gang sports teams? Meaning, what they wear from sports teams. You could see a Hoover Criminal wearing a houston astros cap. That's to be identified where they are from, it's a typical hoover clothing. For instance, Rollin 20s affiliates usually wear Pittsburgh Steelers (the football team) clothing. Black, and yellow to show where they are from. Every gang has a sport team, if not. They wear a certain thing.


Crips wear the blue rag to the leftside Bloods wear the rag to the rightside. Shoe-strings can be identified as a gang affiliation as well, depending on which side your shoe strings is tied. Crips have it tied to the left, and bloods usually tied to the right

How to get jumped in the gang?

t's not easy. You have to know someone from that gang, and or neighborhood in order to get your put on. "Put on" or "Quote on" means, getting jumped into the set. The set requires at least 15 seconds (depending on what set you from, or joining.) Only hispanic gangs stomp on the people to jump them in, if it's a black gang then that's a DP. You shouldn't be stomping your member into the set. It's a violation. A DP is a beat-down, from other gang members acronym is labeled for "Discipline."

Well that's the wrap up, thank you for viewing the guide. Any questions or concerns, please let me know. I will add more soon.
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лучшие фильмы Пассажиры - кино Пассажиры 2 HC

Postby LizaAquar on Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:05 am



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Пассажиры смотреть бесплатно без регистрации - Маски попроси

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