Emily Cendejas [Biography]

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Emily Cendejas [Biography]

Post by $outhCentral. » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:28 pm

This will be used as a story thread for Emily's development, in-case people don't follow screens or just want a read, this will also be updated everything a few chapters of Emily's life happens, I will post a reply when updated.

Emily Cendejas is a Puerto Rican female born to a very caring, loving, family but had its ups and downs, during Emily's early childhood her father was a drug dealer, which he had done to earn a living for the family and put food on the table, he'd usually leave early in the morning and return home very late at night, leaving Emily to barely even being able to see her father most of the time due to this. Emily's mother didn't fully agree with how her father was earning money and would get into constant everyday fights over it, trying to make him leave the criminal life behind him and look towards the future but it didn't really go as planned, mainly due to the fact that whatever or whenever her father was free, he didn't even bother to spend time with Emily, he'd at best case, see her once or twice a week, during these bonding times, he'd lie and make up excuses to why Emily didn't see him so often, he'd often say that he was out looking for places to buy a store or a garage for mechanical work. Emily was of course fooled into it and didn't take any notice, her mother didn't bother to tell her, to keep her from worrying which lead to Emily thinking everything was good and safe. Emily continued to solely focus on school and live a normal and happy childhood.

Whenever Emily's mother and father would fight, her mother would take her and go to a friends house which she had known since High School, overtime leading to Emily calling him, her Uncle as she looked up to him as a father figure due her own biological father not being there for her. Emily would often visit her so called Uncles house on a daily basis after school and end up doing her homework there, even at some cases sleeping the night due to not bothering to go home due to the mess between her father and mother at the time, most of the time she would even hang around with his daughters which lead to them becoming friends, and bonding on a daily basis which eventually over time Emily started to become closer to her Uncle than she did her actual father. As Emily continued to live a happy and bright childhood her father kept on feeding her a bunch of lies which just pilled up on top of each other.

Around the time Emily was 13-15, she slowly started to fade into a life full of money and drugs which lead to her eventually falling under the umbrella of a drug dealer like her father, while doing so, she still managed to keep up her good grades at Crenshaw High and also do her daily activities of dealing narcotics. As Emily slowly started to fade into this life of fast money and narcotics trafficking she also had another worry at home. By the end of May, close to her birthday, Emily's father was shot and killed due to a drug trade gone wrong in which two fellow Cartel members who he sold for had taken him out for unknown reasons. Emily quickly realized that fast money wasn't the way to go after the route her father had gone and the way he ended up, she quickly ditched the life of criminality as fast as she could before she got too deep and continued to focus all of her time on school to get herself out of Ganton and help her and her mother for the greater good.

Emily eventually graduated from Crenshaw High which she had gotten Grade A honors, this opened tons of opportunities for her. Emily decided to goto University for a year and get a degree to open more opportunities and not mess her life up like her father had done, while doing this Emily also went job hunting for a job in tattooing and art work, as she looked into becoming a tattoo artist full-time. Emily continued to work on her dreams of success as she kept in mind that if she did something bad that it'd come back to haunt her and she'd get karma somewhat like what her father had happen to him, she continued to strive and support her mother however she could. By the age of 20, Emily finished her 1 year at University and decided to do what she wanted to do and put her mind to it.

After a couple of months Emily got bored of sitting around at home, doing nothing. So she started to look for a part-time job and came across another female hiring workers for a strip club that is known as the Balcony, Emily then started to work as a bartender, part-time, until one day the female who managed the club offered her a "job" if she wanted it. Emily was quick to take up the offer due to wanting to earn money and move out of the hood, around this time Emily also started to date someone who was "connected" with this female. She eventually ended up getting pregnant from this male who she was in-fact dating. Emily and this female started to hang out a little more and overtime became friends of each other, as-well of this, Emily also worked for this female.

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