Hi ! I'm Michelle Hermann !

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Hi ! I'm Michelle Hermann !

Post by Michelle_Hermann » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:28 pm

OOC: Hi ! My name is Adrien, I'm from Paris and I'm new on this server ! I'm 16, I'm in last grade of high school (12th grade) (we call it "Terminale" in France) specialized in science (mathematics, physics, chemistery, biology are the subjects with the highest coefficient in my globale note). So sorry for my bad english x))

Next year, I will study medicine because I wanted to be an Emergency Physician.

IC: (If my application isn't denied another time x) )
My character is Michelle Hermann, M.D. Ph.D., she's a 45 years-old emergency physician.
Physically, Hermann is a tall woman (1m83 (6 ft)), neither lean nor fat. Her hair is auburn, straight, down to her shoulders. She has brown eyes with a touch of green. She has a clear forehead. She usually dresses with a tailor (the top is the same color as the skirt), she always wears her mother's pearl necklace and ceramic watch.
At work, she wears her tailor and a white coat or a marine blue scrub (with or without the white coat). She always has her father's stethoscope (a black Littmann Classic III).
Psychologically, Michelle is smart, cold, a little snobby, she doesn't have a lack of confidence in herself. She thinks very quickly, she loves learning new stuff, she loves the sound of monitors' alarms, it puts her under pressure and she work very well under pressure.
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Re: Hi ! I'm Michelle Hermann !

Post by Genny » Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:05 pm

Hi, welcome to the server! I hope Michelle isn't practicing medicine without an LPM certification! :lol:
Need a BLS/ILS/LPM Certification? Apply here!
Do you wish to become a FF/EMT/Physician? Apply here!

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