Illegal Factions — Drug Distribution Scheme

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Illegal Factions — Drug Distribution Scheme

Post by otter » Thu May 25, 2017 8:19 pm



Following the introduction of Drugs 1.0 - the soft release of the 2017 Drug Update - and the drug wipe that came with it, there is now a new found need for a drug distribution scheme which will be used to kick-start the market, and for the time being, will serve as the only method of introduction for drugs on the server. This scheme is open to any and all factions who fit the criteria and will operate on an application basis. A faction that wishes to participate in this scheme must have a good standing within the community, and it is essential that the faction is able to cite evidence of their continued participation in the drug trade.

To set the right tone for this update, we're looking for factions that can be trusted to abide by the guidelines that are in place and that are capable of providing quality drug roleplay to the rest of the server. If successful in the application stage, a faction will receive a lump sum of drugs that fit their faction type. The idea is that the market will be modelled around the notion of different factions holding monopolies over different types of drugs. This will, in turn, make factions dependent on one another should they wish to branch out and obtain a wider variety of drugs and hopefully encourage more roleplay around the market as a whole. Some factions may receive more drugs than others depending on their size and current standing within the community. Official factions will, by default, be a part of this scheme and their leaders will be contacted individually for arrangements to be made.

If you wish to be a part of this scheme, you must:
  • Be the leader AND thread holder of a faction. If you're the leader of a faction and are NOT the thread holder, this must be made clear in your application, and your case will be handled on an individual basis.
  • As previously stated, have good standing within the community.
  • Put a decent amount of effort into your application.
  • Follow the format below.
Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in an instant denial.

Your application must be sent to otter with the title Drug Distribution Scheme [Faction Name].

Code: Select all

[b]In-game name:[/b]

[b]What faction do you lead?:[/b]

[b]Link to faction thread:[/b]

[b]How do you intend on distributing these drugs to your faction? How does your faction intend to distribute them to the server?:[/b]

[b]What does your faction bring to the drug roleplay scene? What makes you stand out from other candidates?:[/b]
Example: show
In-game name: John Doe

What faction do you lead?: Rodeo Boulevard Hooligans

Link to faction thread:

How do you intend on distributing these drugs to your faction? How does your faction intend to distribute them to the server?: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam mollis imperdiet nisi quis pellentesque. Donec accumsan erat ut risus congue, non commodo dolor vulputate. Vestibulum vel nibh vitae nunc venenatis venenatis. Nunc non mauris elit. Curabitur blandit ligula at neque congue sollicitudin. Aliquam et convallis diam. Vestibulum ac sapien vitae odio efficitur semper nec et arcu. Sed quam quam, scelerisque nec volutpat a, porta id lectus. Donec volutpat leo ut mattis facilisis.

Fusce efficitur ullamcorper maximus. Donec volutpat risus ac metus dapibus tincidunt quis posuere est. Nam a placerat purus. Aenean tempus aliquet orci non elementum. Mauris felis felis, consequat nec viverra a, accumsan non enim. Morbi nibh urna, semper sed risus vitae, fermentum mollis dui. Suspendisse sit amet turpis ligula. Fusce ac vulputate erat. Quisque volutpat id quam vel tempor. Curabitur vestibulum tempus orci, at bibendum nibh blandit a. Mauris vitae facilisis augue.

What does your faction bring to the drug roleplay scene? What makes you stand out from other candidates?: Duis sit amet dolor auctor, rhoncus diam ac, sodales risus. Nulla facilisi. Curabitur mi lorem, aliquet et massa vel, feugiat iaculis purus. Cras aliquet odio sapien, vel tempus eros mattis nec. Phasellus gravida, ante id varius accumsan, elit libero iaculis augue, ac interdum nunc diam egestas diam. Nullam quis lectus id velit ultrices posuere. Nunc vel elit molestie, viverra est sed, vestibulum lorem. Nullam commodo erat at risus volutpat volutpat non nec ante. Vestibulum non lacinia purus. Morbi a leo suscipit, vulputate ex ac, lacinia dolor. Suspendisse laoreet augue nec urna feugiat, eget scelerisque ex tincidunt. Vestibulum arcu velit, commodo ut lectus eu, dictum imperdiet odio. Quisque vitae dui a leo viverra euismod. Nam lacus enim, lobortis eget sagittis ut, convallis ut ante. Curabitur eget efficitur augue, sed finibus tellus. Pellentesque non erat nisi.

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Retired Administrator
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Re: Illegal Factions — Drug Distribution Scheme

Post by otter » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:46 pm


Applications are no longer taken for the Drug Distribution Scheme; it is handled solely by Faction Management.


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