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The Long Beach Mob

Post by Riley » Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:47 pm


The Long Beach Mob is an organized street mob of Long Beach, Los Angeles led by Michael O'Reilly, former second-in-command and nephew of Francis O'Reilly. Its name originates from the Long Beach area in East Los Angeles. Since the founding of the Long Beach Mob, they have been known to have become one of the most violent and ruthless organized crime units operating out of Los Angeles at its current climax. According to Irish-American crime expert Colin Fitzgerald "The Long Beach Mob probably has one of the tightest holds on a specific part in America since the days of Whitey Bulger and James Coonan". According to the LAPD Criminal Investigation Division, the Long Beach Mob have been the single largest influence on gangland attacks in East LA for the past four years, exceeding that of the infamous Coonan Mob, who also had a reign in Los Angeles.

Although the Long Beach Mob actually originates to a small crew in Bakersfield, it is said that all ties to the Bakersfield crew were severed following the incarcerations of William O’Finnigan and Michael Deegan. As well as the deaths of Frank “Goldie” Donnelly and Patrick “Pat” Doherty.



Founding of the Mob
The foundations of The Long Beach Mob were made during the conflict that set about Bakersfield during the months of November and December of 2002. During the 1990s Jonathan Dunne had run an infamous crew that had control over the construction unions and the trucking routes, however during the turn of the century, cocaine was introduced to the crew. The cocaine usage led to many of Dunne’s crew over-dosing or heading to prison, however the one that the media got hold of turned out to be the one that exposed the crew's business. Patrick McCarthy was one of Jonathan Dunne’s respected enforcers, he had committed over twenty murders in the space of a decade, yet he was never charged because like most cases involving the Bakersfield crew, the witness was either deemed untrustworthy or forgot everything.

In November 2005, Patrick McCarthy's identity as well as vehicle plate number was captured by a nearby CCTV camera outside of the Victim Club in Rodeo. McCarthy fatally shot LAPD Officer Francis Jeffrey and fled the area a few minutes later. LAPD Officer Jordan Tedds who was outside the nightclub claimed that an argument broke out before the shooting. Within the next twelve hours, both men’s houses were raided. The LAPD recovered a stash of twelve AK-47s, five Glock 17s, ten sawn-off shotguns, three Semtex devices and under a kilo of cocaine all hidden underneath the floorboards. They were both sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Francis Jeffrey, arms trafficking and narcotic trafficking.

The aftermath of these incarcerations were met with severe and ruthless repercussions from the crew’s ageing street boss, over the next month Bakersfield became haven to the worst bouts of Gangland hits since 1998 with the crew’s numbers being downed from eighteen to four members, most, if not all of the fourteen members of the crew were murdered identically to each other with car bombs being the preferred option for the Bakersfield crew.

This is when Francis O’Reilly appeared; sources differ on how he came to Los Angeles and when he came to Los Angeles however Kevin Weekes, Whitey Bulger’s ex-Lieutenant said that from experience, Francis probably appeared to take advantage of what was a depleted criminal organization. From this, the remaining four members of the Bakersfield crew, William O’Finnigan, Frank Donnelly, Patrick Doherty and Michael Deegan moved their operations to Atlantic Park, Long Beach, East LA on the January of 2003, marking the start of the Long Beach Mob, headed by what seemed to be a motivated Francis O’Reilly.

The Mallaghan Massacre
The Mallaghan Massacre was the name given following the destruction of an Irish-Canadian crew that partially operated out of Long Beach and Inglewood, Darragh Mallaghan was presumably the head of the crew and Francis O’Reilly called him out a large amount of times to pay up protection fees to the mob. This was not taken with much of an agreement by Darragh and his associates who allegedly set up two hits on Francis O’Reilly through the local Mongols Motorcycle Club, paying upwards of $20,000 weekly to them to take out the reputed Mob boss. The MC went straight to Francis. Darragh put out another hit on Francis, this time through the Valenti Crime Family. Of which, he offered to pay a weekly amount of $100,000 to remove Francis and then not to do business with his organization, however like the MC, Francis was met by an Anthony Solari who informed him of the deal.

On that night, Darragh’s associate Graham Buckley went missing; later that night CCTV footage was released of three masked males piling a male of Graham Buckley’s size and description into the trunk. Following Graham Buckley’s disappearance, Darragh Mallaghan was found dead three hours later, his body parts were located across the room and signs of struggle were noted, he had multiple whipping marks to his body, needle insertions, his fingers were cut off and he was then shot in the head. As a subsequent factor of Darragh’s death, the remaining four members of the Mallaghan crew were found and murdered. On the 12th November 2004, four bodies were found in a landfill site, LAPD did not make any arrests due to the lack of evidence.

The Balkan Troubles
East Los Angeles was becoming evidently more of a hostile neighborhood and the ethnic divide was set in place since the beginning, for Francis O’Reilly he had to move houses to a street on Belevedere Avenue due to the ever-going threat of assassination from the various Balkan affiliated mobs working under the control of Kliment Belevski. The growing tension between the two mob factions in East Los Angeles became evident when the local Irish-American bar, ‘JackRabbit’s’ was vandalized and shot at by six Balkan affiliated males from the Manevski Garage over on 54th street.

It was becoming ever more violent in East Los Angeles as Francis O’Reilly and Kliment Belevski wanted to hold the territory to themselves without anyone operating inside. Days after the bar was vandalized, the six males who participated were all murdered, leading to the mob war between the two rival factions.

The war finally finished on the 18th July 2005, it was said that the Irish-American Mob left the Balkan organization’s members diminished. Figures from the LAPD put deaths at 23 members, 5 of which were Irish-American, including the psychotic Michael Hughes who was rumored to have been killed in a self-imposed hit of which the war covered up.The reduced Balkan mob meant O’Reilly could capitalize on the territory that the Balkans could not uphold due to their weakened stature within Long Beach, the territorial gains upheld by the Long Beach Mob included the Atlantic Park Street, Sixth Street, Lincoln Avenue and part of 54th street.

O’Reilly allowed the Balkans to continue their operations on the basis that they sent him 45% of their income, monthly.

However, the agreement did not last long as the Balkan operation called in reinforcements and soon enough the Long Beach Mob was at the forefront of a mob war. The Balkan Mob had missed a payment to Francis O’Reilly on the month of November 2005, in retaliation for the incompetence Francis brought O’Finnigan’s crew to the Balkan nightclub on 54th, The Forbidden Babylon and ordered them to hand over the money. They refused to hand over the operation earnings set down by Francis in July and on orders from O’Reilly, O’Finnigan and his crew left the nightclub. That was not the end of the troubles though, in the coming weeks the hierarchy of the Balkan Mob was vigorously taken out, LAPD Detective Michael Damon & Organised Crime expert Jerry Capeci both noted that this was one of the largest gangland hits in Los Angeles to date. Of the suspected 18 murders that happened between the dates of November 12th to November 17th, three bodies were found, leading to the arrest of Irish-American mob figure Michael Deegan on October 15th 2011, it is possible that the rest of the executioners are still working in the mob to this very date.

Cavanaugh-Donnelly conflict
Jonathan Cavanaugh and Jason MacDonald never saw eye to eye with the other crews, even though they had been working with each other since 2004, troubles always arose about territory and who held what racket. Major trouble began to arise following Jonathan Cavanaugh’s son-in-law; “Slow Paul” was threatened by rival crew members Frank Donnelly and his brother Conor Donnelly. The trouble was not met with much attention by Francis O’Reilly who deemed the situation controllable and predicted it would attenuate with time. O'Reilly was proven wrong when both MacDonald and Cavanaugh put out hits on the Donnelly brothers and their associates, one being Thomas Buckley.

Upon hearing of the hits, O’Reilly sent word out to bring Buckley to an old home in Nevada. Of which, Buckley would never return as his body was later found mutilated by the county Sheriff’s. This death was meant to put shock waves through the hierarchy of the mob and spread fear into the crews, in order to stop a certain massacre that Francis foresaw. Soon after the death of Thomas Buckley, O’Reilly ordered a meeting at a farmhouse near Bakersfield, of which most of the hierarchy was suspected to have attended. The meeting saw the end of the of the conflict that eventually earned Francis the nickname “The Doctor” for his excessive use of cutting apparatuses.

Shortly after the crew conflict ended, Jonathan Cavanaugh was arrested on charges of racketeering and arms trafficking, he is currently serving a twenty year sentence in Los Angeles Penitentiary while Jason MacDonald was allowed to leave Los Angeles to start operations in Chicago. The operations did not last long as MacDonald too was arrested on arson charges and is now serving an eight year sentence.

O'Reilly-Minh war
The O’Reilly-Minh war was a troubled occasion six months in the making; both organizations were not on good terms since O’Reilly allegedly told Asian crime boss Son Minh he would burn his family and Chinatown to the ground if they refused to pay protection fees. The war began when Francis threatened a recently weakened Minh organization to pay up protection fees again, they agreed. However, a conversation was overheard by associates as they left the ‘Wiggles’ strip club on 54th that they would burn the club to the ground.

According to mob informant and ex-enforcer Liam Monaghan, hit squads were assembled to remove Son Minh from his position and take them over by force. One night later, Son Minh’s deceased body was found burnt next to a rail-road track near Watts’s motel, two corpses were found. The other body was not identified due to the mutilation it had suffered.

This triggered a two-day war in which Minh’s organization was destroyed, according to LAPD detectives, the Asian organization was given an offer to leave Los Angeles or die. This signaled the end of the O’Reilly-Minh war, eventually the criminal investigation taskforce set to deal with the aggression in East LA brought down charges of accessory to murder and possession of deadly firearms on mob associate Jackie Wright.

The Second Balkan war
The second Balkan-O’Reilly war was brought around on February 2nd 2007, the gangland hits taken out against a faction of the Balkan mafia were seen as an embarrassment for a long time and the Long Beach branch of the Balkan Mob began to take charge on removing the Irish-Americans from what was their neighborhood. On February 2nd 2007, ten Balkan affiliated males opened fire on the JackRabbit’s bar, murdering five of O’Reilly’s associates, including that of respected associate Gerald Cavanaugh. LAPD detectives arrested all ten of the affiliated males.

Word got out quickly and soon enough the Balkan Mafia was at war with the Irish-American organization. By February 9th, the war had escalated and the Long Beach branches boss was found dead next to three associates, suspected to have been ordered by Francis O’Reilly. Evidence could not back it up. The death of the Balkan mob boss hit the Balkan operations in Long Beach, once more the Irish-American mob capitalized and took over territories formerly run the the Balkan Mafia's Long Beach branch.

IRA Arms Trafficking
On the 20th August 2007 it became evident to the LAPD that arms trafficking was becoming a problem in Long Beach; the suspects this time were O’Reilly’s crew. It was suspected that due to Francis O’Reilly’s alleged partial affiliation with the provisional IRA during the 1980s that it was possible a cell of the terrorist group the IRA were working out of Boston, Massachusetts. Running weapons through borders and eventually ending up in the hands of O’Reilly’s crew. This suspicion was backed up by an FBI led raid on a safe house in Long Beach in which a street price of $1,200,000 worth of firearms was found.

Although it has never been proven, it still stands as a wide-spread allegation that the IRA are providing The Long Beach Mob with firearms.

Kilhaney-Donnelly war
On January 14th 2008, members of the two crews conflicted again. The cause of the confliction was Frank Donnelly’s son, Martin Donnelly who had been involved in a fight with crew boss Donald Kilhaney. The assault infuriated Frank Donnelly, who assaulted Donald Kilhaney, leaving him in hospital.

The attack on Kilhaney triggered the crew confliction; once more O’Reilly was alerted to the situation and allegedly walked into the Donnelly safe-house to demand knowledge of what happened. After being told what happened, a meeting was arranged between the two crews at an unknown location in the countryside. It has not been said what happened but it is suspected the meeting only made the situation worse as both captains walked out. LAPD detectives later took surveillance pictures of William O’Finnigan being assaulted by Francis O’Reilly. A bugged telephone line that was shown to the court during O’Finnigan’s incarceration also reveals a plan to kill off Francis O’Reilly, it is not known whether O’Reilly had been informed of the plan to take him.

On January 16th 2008, Frank Donnelly went missing, on January 21st 2008; two burnt corpses were found by County Sheriff’s in the Nevada desert. The second body was that of Martin Donnelly, Frank Donnelly’s son. Both men had sustained gunshot wounds to the cranium.

The O'Finnigan Incarceration.
The O’Finnigan incarceration was one of the biggest hits to the mob since respected captain Jonathan Cavanaugh got sentenced to 20 years in Los Angeles Penitentiary. The trial was tarnished with reports of corrupt jury members and whether O’Finnigan would still be alive come the due date.

William O’Finnigan was part of a three year long investigation by the FBI into murders relating back to the Balkan mafia. O’Finnigan was widely seen as one of the talisman behind the extortion rackets O’Reilly’s mob held so the takedown caused the Irish-American mob cause for discomfort. Criminal expert Jerry Capeci said “The Long Beach mob are on edge, if O’Finnigan flips. Their whole operation drops in a blink of an eye.” LAPD information released stated that O’Finnigan was on 24-hour protection due to possible hits placed on his head as the wire-tap containing the possible death of Francis O’Reilly went around the streets of Long Beach.

On February 12th, charges against William O’Finnigan were dropped.

Conflict with Doherty
O’Finnigan’s most trusted enforcer was Patrick Doherty. Doherty had become intimate with the Irish Mob for over 3 years, since arriving from Chicago in late 2008 on orders of his uncle and ex-Mob captain William O’Finnigan.
The way in which Doherty operated revolved mainly on the narcotic connections he had created through various street gangs in East Los Angeles, something that had angered Irish gangland figure Jonathan Dunne.Though angered, Jonathan Dunne did not proceed to confront Doherty about where the narcotics he was selling were going. However, when wire-taps of Patrick Doherty speaking with mob enforcers during the O’Finnigan indictment. Information regarding the distribution of methamphetamine was released to the court.

When charges on William O’Finnigan were abruptly dropped on the 12th February 2009, Patrick Doherty was seen arguing with Jonathan Dunne outside Frankie’s Diner.

On February 21st, Patrick Doherty was invited to a meal with known mob hit-man, James Featherstone. Not knowing Featherstone, Doherty arrived at Palm Restaurant, Downtown L.A. Upon exiting the vehicle, he was gunned down by two masked men wielding silenced pistols who shot Patrick Doherty to death.

Fitzgerald-MacAuley war
With the death of Patrick Doherty and the attention set onto William O’Finnigan following the indictments, Arthur Fitzgerald and Harold MacAuley replaced them as captains in East Los Angeles on orders of then boss Francis O’Reilly. The tensions between the two crews arose early when associates of mob captain Arthur Fitzgerald successfully robbed three bookies that were under the protection of Harold MacAuley; enraged by the robberies MacAuley allegedly contacted O’Reilly in the early hours to express his dissent against the moves.

Hours before Harold MacAuley was found dead, members of Fitzgerald’s crew were summoned to MacAuley’s house in East Los Angeles and ordered to reimburse the money they had stolen from the bookies. Upon being met with a feel of discontent by Fitzgerald’s crew, MacAuley ordered them to leave his house and immediately contacted Thomas Kilhaney.

On March 2nd, Harold MacAuley and Thomas Kilhaney were found dead inside Harold’s SUV outside his house in East Los Angeles. Upon autopsy, Harold was killed with a shot to the cranium with a bullet that matched the specifications of an AK-47.

Possession of East Los Angeles
The Third Balkan war came around following the transformation in leadership from the opposing Balkan mobs. On March 15th, deals were carried out to put forward an element of peace from the new Balkan boss, Dmitrje Djukic. They were put forward to Francis O’Reilly in an attempt to stop the conflict that had ravaged East Los Angeles from 2004-2008. The propositions recommended to O’Reilly were accepted and an alleged amount of 50,000 US Dollars was transferred to O’Reilly for his co-operation in the deals.

However, it was not too long before the two factions were disagreeing once more. A disagreement over the ownership of 54th Street and the auto-shop that was ran on it sharply escalated.

On March 24th, O’Reilly ordered hits on Dmitrje Djukic and his second-in-command.

On March 25th, both men were found with gunshot wounds to their foreheads inside their apartments in Downtown Los Angeles. The deaths signalled the beginning to another conflict.

Following the deaths of Balkan mob boss, hits were placed on various O’Reilly-affiliated figures. The Hits were carried out two days later at a nightclub in West Hollywood. Richard Deegan, Bernard Cosgrave and Brandon McCague attended the ‘Rendesvous’ nightclub and upon exiting the nightclub, four unidentified men approached them with pistols, shooting them to death.

The war finished on March 30th when it was said Francis O’Reilly was invited into a meeting where the Balkan Mob’s Long Beach branch handed over East Los Angeles territory to the Irish Mob. In all, ending the four year conflict with the Balkan mobs over the ownership East Los Angeles

Plot against Fitzgerald
Months after Fitzgerald’s inauguration as captain, Fitzgerald’s violent nature created a split which created a favourable climate for his removal. On July 4th, Fitzgerald was called out to San Antonio, Texas to meet up with O’Reilly’s nephew, Michael O’Reilly to ensure business stability in the region. During Fitzgerald’s absence, Jonathan Murray, Fitzgerald’s second-in-command assembled important members of the crew in an effort to discuss Fitzgerald’s deposition.

Fitzgerald, still in Texas, was oblivious to the coup that was positioning itself in East Los Angeles.

On July 5th, Francis O’Reilly was contacted by Jonathan Murray in which O’Reilly sanctioned Arthur Fitzgerald’s removal as captain.

News of the deposition was co-ordinated by Michael O’Reilly, who was authorized to eliminate Arthur Fitzgerald.

On July 9th, a body was found in a ditch that matched the descripted of Arthur Fitzgerald. Autopsy showed death by a shot to the cranium.

Francis O'Reilly's assassination
O’Reilly, still running East Los Angeles, was becoming a less controllable figure amongst the gangland scene of Los Angeles. Following the April incarcerations, many of O’Reilly’s peers became aligned to the fact that he was suffering from depression and paranoia.

In 2010, O’Reilly ordered the deaths of Gerard Robins and James Featherstone. O’Reilly was convinced that both were providing the F.B.I with information that led to Patrick Mullen’s incarceration.

O’Reilly’s administration was outraged by the deaths; Gerard Robins was allegedly a close friend of Captain Jonathan McCarthy who with Donald Kilhaney and Jonathan Dunne became distant from O’Reilly following the two assassinations.

The matters worsened when members of the Balkan mafia took out hits on members of O’Reilly’s crew. The hits advanced Francis O’Reilly’s paranoiac state.

Members of O’Reilly’s crew diminished with successful hits from the rivalling Balkan mafia.

Induced to the fact that O’Reilly thought his administration was against him, hits were on Jonathan McCarthy and Donald Kilhaney. Both were never carried out.

On November 29th, 2010, members of O’Reilly’s administration convened to plan his deposition and their rise to leadership following the failed hits on Kilhaney and McCarthy.

On November 30th, Francis O’Reilly was found in a multi-story car park in Las Vegas with two bullets to his chest and clear suffocation marks.

Aftermath of O'Reilly's deposition
The aftermath of O’Reilly’s death left the mob in a power struggle; all three members of the administration were convinced that they should become boss. The power-struggle, caused by the death of Francis O’Reilly encased the mob into a conflict.

The inner-conflict became evident on December 12th when members loyal to second-in-command Jonathan Dunne took out hits on members of the faction.

Following the hits, Kilhaney and McCarthy associated their support to Dunne.

Donald Kilhaney's assassination
Jonathan Dunne’s regime was one of short longevity, due to health-related problems Dunne stepped down almost immediately to become an advisor to new boss Donald Kilhaney.

Kilhaney’s regime was met with animosity by other organisations in Los Angeles, in particular the rivalling Balkan mob. Nevertheless, Kilhaney sought a different path to that of his predecessors. Kilhaney’s regime was known to have been one of the less violent regimes in the mob’s history. Deals over the coming months were struck with former rivals to the mob as well as the Valenti crime family.

However, on June 2nd, 2012, Michael O’Reilly, nephew to deposed ex-boss Francis O’Reilly arrived in Los Angeles. Information of his close uncle’s death was provided to him during his time in San Antonio, Texas. Hits were devised to take out the main parties involved in his Uncle’s death.

On June 5th, Donald Kilhaney was exiting his apartment building in Downtown L.A. when four masked gunman exited their vehicles and shot Kilhaney to death. Autopsy showed Kilhaney was shot seventeen times.

The only members of the deposing parties to survive were Jonathan Dunne and Jonathan McCarthy who allegedly pledged their support for Michael.



  • 1995-2002 - Jonathan "Johnny Forks" Dunne- Boss of the Bakersfield Crew, notable 'unoffical' leadership.
  • 2002–2010 – Francis "The Doctor" O’Reilly - Boss, assassinated.
  • 2010-2012 - Donald '' Donnie '' Kilhaney - Boss, assassinated.
  • 2012 - Present - Michael O'Reilly - Boss, Nephew of Francis O'Reilly.

Second-In-Command (Official and Acting)
  • 1995 - 2002 - Jonathan "Johnny Forks" Dunne - Imprisoned, served 7 years.
  • 2002 - 2005 - Michael O'Reilly - Left Los Angeles to operate in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 2005 - 2008 - James "Chainsaw Jimmy" Flaherty - Imprisoned, serving life sentence.
  • 2008 - 2010 - Jonathan Cavanaugh - Imprisoned, serving life sentence
  • 2010 - present - Jonathan "Johnny Forks" Dunne

Notable members

  • Michael Hughes – former acting captain and ex-enforcer. Hughes oversaw many narcotic operations in East L.A. until his death in 2005.
  • Douglas Keating - After several disputes with John Cavanaugh, Keating was reported to have fled to Florida with his family. On the 6th June 2011 Douglas Keating was found murdered with his family members at his family home in Miami, Florida.
  • Michael Deegan – Enforcer in William O’Finnigan’s crew. Currently serving two life sentences in a Federal prison after pleading guilty in June 2011 for the murder of three males. Deegan has no parole option.
  • Donald Kilhaney - Ex-Boss, Killed on orders of Michael O’Reilly for his part in the death of Francis O’Reilly.
  • Jason MacDonald – Captain of the Lincoln Avenue crew. Currently serving 12 years in state prison after pleading guilty to Arson in 2010. MacDonald is eligible for parole on November 17th, 2016.
  • Liam Monaghan – Released into the Witness Protection Programme in 2006 after turning informant on ex-enforcer Jackie Wright.
  • Patrick Doherty – Captain of the Atlantic Park crew, killed on orders of Jonathan Dunne.
  • Michael Corrigan – Currently serving 25 years to life after pleading guilty for the transportation of narcotics worth up to $800,000.
  • Travis Brennan – Enforcer in William O’Finnigan’s crew, found dead in 2009.
  • Frank Donnelly – Killed on orders of Francis O’Reilly.
  • Conor Donnelly – Enforcer in William O’Finnigan’s crew, killed by a car bomb in December 2010.
  • Harvey Cusack - Found dead in July, 2009.
  • Harvey Sheehan – Currently serving 25 years to life after pleading guilty in 2007 to the transportation and distribution of firearms. Will be eligible for parole on February 9th, 2035.
  • Harold MaCauley – Boss of the New Jersey branch, assassinated on orders of Captain Arthur Fitzgerald in 2010.
  • Jonathan Cavanaugh – Second-in-Command, currently serving 25 years to life in federal prison after pleading guilty to arms trafficking, bribing public officials, racketeering and illegal gambling in 2008. Suffering from throat cancer.
  • Frank Kilhaney – Captain of the 54th crew, currently serving 15 years for racketeering and loan-sharking conspiracy. Projected release date, 15th August 2023
  • Patrick Mullen – Serving a 13 year sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery and rape of Lucy Harewood.
  • Jonathan Murray - Fled from captaincy and East L.A. in April 2012 due to a conflict with a home-grown American Mafia crime family. Later returned in mid-June, suffering from alcoholism.
  • William O'Finnigan - Captain of the O'Finnigan crew from 2002 - 2009, dropped down since indictments of 2009.
  • Sean Cahill – Enforcer in the Atlantic Park crew, one of the few Bakersfield crew members left.
  • Victor MacKenna – Died of a cardiac arrest in 2012. MacKenna oversaw the prostitution rings during 2007-2009.
  • Luke Doyle – former captain, killed on orders of Michael O’Reilly.
  • James Featherstone – former personal hitman for Francis O’Reilly, suspected to have been involved in 23 murders. Killed on orders of William O’Finnigan in 2009.
  • Cody Molloy - Serving a 13 year sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery and rape of Lucy Harewood.
  • Jonathan McCarthy - Enforcer under Reginald Kilhaney, recently returned to L.A. following indictments.
  • Arthur Fitzgerald - Captain of the 54th crew, killed on orders of Jonathan Murray and Francis O'Reilly in 2010.
  • Douglas Quinn - Captain of the Atlantic Park crew. Quinn acted as acting second-in-command to Michael O'Reilly during Jonathan Dunne's absence.
  • Richard Flanagan - Enforcer of the Atlantic Park crew. Flanagan oversees the transportation of firearms into L.A.
  • Gerard Robins - Killed on orders of Francis O'Reilly for allegedly turning informant in 2010.
  • Reginald Kilhaney - Enforcer of the Atlantic Park crew and current manager of the local comedy club "St. Paddy's Chuckle Hut" on Lincoln Avenue.
  • William Callaghan - Current manager of the strip club "The Pig Pen".
  • Christopher Gilsenan - former captain of the New Jersey branch, manages much of O'Reilly's finances.
  • Kevin Moriarty - Enforcer who is believed to have organized the Bridget Morrissey and Evalisse Lyzette murders in 2012.
  • Patrick Flanagan - Currently serving 25 years to life for pleading guilty to charges of first-degree murder and racketeering.

  • In 2009, a TV series called "The Men who wore Green", the main character 'Michael Doherty' is based off Mob Captain William O'Finnigan.
  • During the movie "The Irishman", supporting character James Fitzpatrick portrays an Irish-American mobster from Long Beach, East Los Angeles.
  • "Only in Long Beach..." attempts to portray The Long Beach Mob's rise in the criminal underworld.
  • "The Irish Mafia and History of organized crime" covers the Bakersfield crew's deaths.
  • "East Los Angeles Irish Mob - The Long Beach Mob" two-part series covers the history of the mob.

  • English, T.J. The Mob that woke LA. Los Angeles Contingum Books, 2011 ISBN 978-0-02-864225-3
  • Parker, Ryan. GANGLAND KILLINGS SWEEP EAST LA. Los Angeles LA Times, 2005 ISBN 978-0-8147-4230-3
  • Capeci, Jerry Increasing influence of the Irish-American Mobs. Los Angeles Alpha Books, 2010 ISBN 978-0-312-30094-4

OOC Information

The Long Beach Mob offers the most authentic depiction of a modern Irish mob's operations in Los Angeles and on LSRP server wide.

To those interested in surpassing the outsider rank must have a plausible understanding of the English language and credible role-playing abilities.

The Long Beach mob mainly role-plays fourth and fifth generation Irish-Americans. The usage of off-the-boat Irish members is scarce and the majority will be turned away.
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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Nice one, man. Wish you all the best in this thing. I see great things.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Good luck to us.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Second post has been updated.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Amazing work on the thread and it is a thrilling story! can't wait to roleplay with you guys.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Lets get it rollin'.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Looks great. Let's get this show on the road.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Looks promising, good luck man!

Can't wait to see some SS from your RP.

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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And we're off.
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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Best of luck Riley, continue Coonan's legacy.
-Dan Weston-

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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

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Fuck yeah!best of luck.
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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

Post by Riley » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:10 pm

Sean_Price wrote:Best of luck Riley, continue Coonan's legacy.

We're not continuing any legacy that is left by any previous factions and we haven't got anything to do with Coonan. New faction, new legacy. But thank you for your good lucks, they're appreciated.

On another note if anyone has any concerns direct them to either: Myself, Clown or The Irish Giant.
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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

Post by AmfaGRAM » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:10 pm

Ohh, another irish mob! :D Nice... I smell some brawls coming up between you. ;D Best of luck.
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Re: 'The O'Reilly Mob'

Post by InflictedHazard » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:23 pm

And we're off! Best of luck boys, this is looking mighty fine.


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