Weapon System

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Weapon System

Post by LS-RP » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:04 am

Weapon System

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Weapons Dealer Job
__ 2.1 /dealerjob
__ 2.2 Black Markets
__ 2.3 Weapon Dealer Commands
3. Weapons Smuggler Job
4. General Commands
5. Restricted Commands
6. Weapon Damages
7. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

The weapon system is used everyday by members of LS:RP. Although players with the dealer/smuggler job have access to more commands, everyone can make use of the weapon script. In the beginning, it can be confusing and tricky to use, but with frequent use it'll become second nature. In this guide, you'll be walked through both the basics as well as more advanced commands. After reading, you should have a better understanding on where/how to get the dealer job, packaged weapon commands, and other general weapon commands.

2. Weapons Dealer Job

2.1. /dealerjob

When doing /dealerjob at a blackmarket, you will acquire the weapon dealer job. You must be at a black market otherwise the command won't register. Instead of receiving the congratulations text, you'll be shown a red message that reads "You need to be at a black market." If you know for sure you're at a black market and the command isn't working, try moving around and then redoing the command.


If you've read this and are scratching your head at the term black market, then continue into the next section!

2.2. Black Markets

As stated before, black markets are where you can acquire the weapon dealer job. The drug dealer job is also available here. They're unidentified points that're scattered across the map. You have to find them in character, so this guide will not provide the locations of them. Black markets are vital to weapon dealer roleplay. This is because when processing (/sw, /sellweapon — will be explained later on) larger packaged weapons, it needs to be done while present at a black market.

A few examples of weapons that need to be processed at BM:
  • Shotgun
  • MP5
  • AK-47
  • M4
  • Rifle
  • Sniper
  • Grenade/Molotov (One time usage only. After you log off the weapon disappears)
  • Bodyarmor
2.3. Weapon Dealer Commands

After obtaining it and doing /jobhelp in-game, a list of potential commands will show up on your screen.


Although you're now given a list of options, you may still be lost on how and when to use these commands. This section will try to give you a better idea on each command by providing a basic description of what it does.
  • /sellweapon(sw) [Player ID/ Part Of Name] [Weapon Slot ID]
    • Allows you to process a packaged weapon. A packaged weapon is a weapon that cannot be used. The weapon in the ID you chose will then spawn on his/her person and is now usable.
  • /mypackage [Player ID to show others your packages]
    • This will give you a list of the packaged/unprocessed weapons that are on you.
  • /vehpackage
    • List of packaged/unprocessed weapons currently in a vehicle. Note: Anyone in the vehicle can use this command. It is not limited to a certain seat. You can hold up to twenty packages in a vehicle
  • /putweapon(/pw) [Weapon Slot ID] [vehicle slot]
    • Puts a single packaged/unprocessed weapon inside a vehicle. Note: Anyone in the vehicle can use this command. It is not limited to a certain seat. You can hold up to twenty packages in a vehicle
  • /putallweapons(/paw)
    • Puts every single package on you into the vehicle. Note: Anyone in the vehicle can use this command. It is not limited to a certain seat. You can hold up to twenty packages in a vehicle.
  • /takeweapon(/tw) [vehicle slot]
    • Takes a single packaged/unprocessed weapon from a vehicle. Note: Anyone in the vehicle can use this command. It is not limited to a certain seat. You can hold up to twelve packages in your inventory.
  • /takeallweapons(/taw)
    • Takes at most 12 packaged/unprocessed weapons from a vehicle. Note: Anyone in the vehicle can use this command. It is not limited to a certain seat. You can hold up to twelve packages in your inventory
  • /sellpackage(/sp) [Player ID/ Part Of Name] [Weapon Slot ID]
    • Gives a player a packaged/unprocessed weapon.
  • /dealinghelp
    • Will display the same list of commands, but will provide an overview of how the command should be typed.

      3. Weapons Smuggler Job

      The weapon smuggler job shouldn't be confused for the weapon dealer job. They're two separate things. Only official faction leaders or trusted members of an official faction can have it, since they're able to handle this type of responsibility. Weapon smugglers usually have access to a gun warehouse, a feature that's restricted to other players. Smugglers also have a set of restricted commands that will not be disclosed in this guide. The basic use of this job is to utilize a gun warehouse by ordering guns.

      4. General commands

      The commands below are accessible to anyone. Weapon dealer or smuggler job is not required to use these commands.
      • /weapons — Brings up a list of current weapons on your character and their IDs.
      • /weapon — Shows a list of weapon commands such as adjust, bone, hide, and reset.
      • /weapon adjust — Allows you to edit where the weapon will spawn when it isn't scrolled. Very similar to the clothing system.
      • /weapon bone — Instead of manually editing the placement of an unscrolled weapon, you can simply set it to a bone. For example, a weapon can be adjusted to hands, spine, torso, legs. It may not work or look correct if the skin being used has a GTA mod on it.
      • /weapon hide — Hides a one handed weapon. Meaning, it will not show on any part of a players body when it isn't drawn. This is only an option for small, one handed weapons like a Desert Eagle, Colt, knife, UZI, or TEC-9.
      • /weapon reset — Resets the placement a player made on a weapon. So, if it was set on the hand and the command is used, the weapon will not appear on the torso/chest until adjusted again.
      • /leavegun(/lg) — When crouched, a player is able to leave their gun on the ground and will be able to pick it up for a short time. The weapon will not be left their permanently.
      • /dropgun — Use of this command will cause a gun to be dropped forever. Unlike the /leavegun command, a player cannot get this weapon back once the command is entered. Please be careful not to mistake this as /leavegun.
      • /grabgun(/gg) — Goes hand in hand with /leavegun. This is the command that needs to be entered in order to pick up a weapon that's been left on the ground.

      5. Restricted Commands

      Those commands are made for the Weapon Supplier job. You get this job once you're in a official faction that posesses a gunstore. Unfortunately only two commands are available to the public due to security reasons.
      • /buyweapon
        • To buy a weapon from a gunstore.
      • /collectweapons
        • To collect all the weapon packages from a warehouse.

      6. Weapons Available

      There is a several array of weaponry that can be purchased in-game, all have different characteristics that alter their pros and cons. Some weapons available within the single player have been disabled for obvious reasons. The weapons listed below are the kind available within the game server, brief descriptions are also added.
      The knife is one of the most primary melee weapons feature in Los Santos Roleplay. Its mechanics are fairly simple and can be used in quick attacks to cause severe damage to unsuspecting enemies. NOTE: Using the 'backstab' attack on players can cause de-sync when their throat is cut (they appear dead to other players), avoid doing this at all costs.

      Colt .45
      The Colt .45 is a small pistol that has a medium-paced rate of fire. It deals significantly less damage than it's counterpart, the Desert Eagle. However, it's higher rate of fire and consistent accuracy does make it a valuable choice in combat. Users are granted the use of a magazine consisting of 17 rounds alongside running capabilities.

      Silenced Pistol
      The Silenced Pistol is as it says, a silenced pistol. It is a close replica of the Colt .45 but with much higher damage. Magazine sizes and fire rates are identical, meaning the damage and silencer only really separate the silenced pistol and the Colt .45

      Desert Eagle
      The Desert Eagle is a high-powered pistol that is commonly used through day-to-day shootouts. It high-power counteracts against its average accuracy, however the recoil can be tamed. It only holds a seven-round magazine and lacks the ability to jog while wielding.

      The Shotgun is a pump-action weapon that deals a colossal amount of damage upon landing an accurate shot. This weapon's spread is surprisingly tight, making it a very accurate weapon. These pros are weighed out by it's slow pump(reload) time between every shot.

      Country Rifle
      The Country Rifle is a sniper that lacks a high-powered scope. It has an exceedingly high damage, range and accuracy, making it a feared weapon of choice. If used with the element of stealth, the country rifle is guaranteed to cause some serious damage. The rate of fire for this gun is extremely slow, making it one of the slowest firing weapons in the game.

      The MP5 is a small sub-machine gun that is gifted with an extremely high rate of fire. It's medium level damage is handy when you are in medium to close-quarter combat. The MP5's recoil and accuracy do not make it a suitable weapon to use at range. It has a large magazine consisting of fifty rounds.

      The UZI is a lightweight comrade of the MP5, it trades the higher damage for a larger magazine and rate of fire. A single magazine held in a UZI holds 50 rounds and empties a full clip within seconds making close-combat difficult for players staring down the barrel of an UZI.

      TEC-9s are fairly rare SMGs. It has a medium fire rate and accuracy but a low damage statistic, making it an all-round weapon. It is generally used amongst members of illegal gang factions, it is all-round, a plausible weapon. It also holds a large magazine, consisting of 50 rounds per magazine.
      The AK-47 is a very powerful automatic assault rifle, mainly used by gang/mafia members for hits and drivebys. The weapon has a steady rate of fire, very heavy recoil and a large spread from a distance. Only useful in close/medium quarters.
      The M4 is a very powerful automatic assault rifle, mainly used by law enforcement members for all sorts of situations ranging from tactical breaches to shootouts in the open. The weapon has a steady rate of fire, not a lot of recoil and a small spread from a distance. Only useful in medium/large distances.
      Sniper Rifle
      The Sniper Rifle is a very deadly rifle, equipped with a scope and a x25 zoom, you are able to hit your targets from a very large distance. The sniper is a 'one shot one kill' - death upon contact with the rifle. It is very hard to obtain a sniper these days.

      7. Frequently Asked Questions
      • Q: How many weapon packages can I carry?
        A: You can only carry 12 weapon packages on you and store 20 in a vehicle.

        Q: If I accidently typed /dropgun instead of /leavegun and lost my weapon, how can I recover it?
        A: There's no way you can. Not even with a refund request as this was your mistake, not the server's one.

        Q: Can I hide big weapons with /weapon adjust inside my character so police can't see it?
        A: Absolutely no. This breaks the "Abusing SA:MP Physics" rule and it can get you banned.

        Q: How much ammo can a weapon hold?
        A: If you have a weapon packaged you can type /mypackage and see that there between brackets you'll have something like "200/1000". That shows how much ammo your weapon curently have (the 200) and the maximum it can hold (the 1000).

        Q: If I have a suggestions regarding the weapon system, where can I post it?
        A: Feel free to visit the Weapons & Drugs suggestion board and post your idea there — http://forum.ls-rp.com/viewforum.php?f=345
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Re: Weapon System

Post by Helper » Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:34 pm

Is it possible to get an exact amount of damage on each weapon? Would make this guide 10x as good.

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Re: Weapon System

Post by Orren_Diamond » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:20 am

Agreed, it may help more than one.

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Re: Weapon System

Post by Lijpe » Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:18 am

A: Absolutely no. This is breaks the rule

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Re: Weapon System

Post by CreatorZ » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:37 am

Question - So you can actually store a sniper rifle now of days since it's a " Rare " item or was that just a typo.
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Re: Weapon System

Post by $elfMadeMikey » Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:58 am

CreatorZ wrote:Question - So you can actually store a sniper rifle now of days since it's a " Rare " item or was that just a typo.
No, You can't store a sniper nor grenade/molly. Once you log off, it's gone completely.
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Re: Weapon System

Post by Pio Maracas » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:02 am

How to find these jobs? :(

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Re: Weapon System

Post by Keny » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:52 am

Pio Maracas wrote:How to find these jobs? :(
ICly, cuz.

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Re: Weapon System

Post by Heltah_Skeltah » Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:31 pm

Thanks for the guide!
It's really helpful to know all the comands, only thing left is to RP.

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Re: Weapon System

Post by DezerC » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:34 am

Nice guide.

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Re: Weapon System

Post by Baram » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:38 am

Only official gang members can make weapons, right?
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Re: Weapon System

Post by Mikey_Rogers » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:36 pm

Baram wrote:
Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:38 am
Only official gang members can make weapons, right?
To make packages you mean?, if so then yeah only official members who are ranked high enough can spawn in packages.

If you own a weapon package what you have bought you can do /sw (id) and unpackage it to use. Some weapons (The larger ones) need you to go to the black market to unpackage.

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