Medical Insurance in Hospitals!

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Re: Medical Insurance in Hospitals!

Post by Marauder » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:57 pm

Neaksy wrote:
Sarcasmohjoy wrote:Nobody is ever denied medical care. Frivolous cosmetic things require immediate payment but I can walk into an ER right now and get treatment
I was referring to patients refusing medical treatment, not FD denying medical care.
I don't think anyone would choose not to get treatment if they're hurt or injured. If you want to be realistic, they'd be billed and can choose not to pay it or make long time payment plans. But also realistically, hospitals aren't ran by the same department as paramedics out in the field
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Re: Medical Insurance in Hospitals!

Post by Neaksy » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:06 pm

Sarcasmohjoy wrote:I don't think anyone would choose not to get treatment if they're hurt or injured. If you want to be realistic, they'd be billed and can choose not to pay it or make long time payment plans. But also realistically, hospitals aren't ran by the same department as paramedics out in the field
People do deny medical treatment... that's why we have to make them signs form to prove they refused medical care (in the case of prehospital care). It happens rarely but it does happen. IRL US citizens also deny prehospital care for financial reasons. And yes FD doesn't run hospitals IRL but in a universe where SA's population is very small (and because of the fact that this is a game and having a fire department and a health department separately would only make this harder to manage, and negatively impact players for various reasons) it isn't too far-fetched to assume the two would be run in the same agency to make it easier, though ideally the two should be independent yes. But that's off topic.

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Re: Medical Insurance in Hospitals!

Post by Tsarina » Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:02 pm

The billing deduction that is already in motion is an OOC thing, nobody RPs around it as well as the fact generous members of FD tend to not charge people for /heal. In order for this to be set in place, people would have to avidly RP financial situations around being treated etc. and due to the nature of most of our calls (let's be real here, people don't even want to RP treatment) this may be quite difficult to implement. I still like the concept regardless, but bigger things would have to change in order for it to work properly in LSRP.

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Re: Medical Insurance in Hospitals!

Post by Miles » Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:26 pm

There seems to be some confusion in this thread, so allow me to clarify.

Medical treatment is completely free: the only thing you are charged for is medicine (as in the drugs themselves). You only incur a $200 fee if you visit the hospital from being brutally wounded. Prescriptions will cost more, typically a couple of thousands, varying from the drug and amount prescribed. And then there's death fee which is $1800 if I'm not wrong.
AnselmiX3 wrote:Last I heard we were meant to be getting a new side-job called 'paramedic', which allows independent people to take on the medical role without being a member of FD. What happened to that? There's already a license to practice medicine in place, so where are the abilities and equal opportunity to actually do it?
This was supposed to be implemented in like 2010, I don't think it ever was. This won't be happening now at all if it's something you're waiting for.
knppel_alt wrote:One crucial thing: If we implement an actual market for healthcare, we'd also need competition for the FD- the setting that they have to treat everyone and for free comes not for an ic reason, but due to them having script-wise access to heal wounded people, something other's cant.

I personally would find the idea amazing, ASGH and County Hospital always fighting for patients (because they bring money), ambulances speeding to secure the load first before the competition can come treat them... :lol:

The current monopoly setting kind of disables some FD members I know of creating a lasting motivation, since treating people, in this context, simply gets reduced to a duty that you mechanically have to do.

Where's the funny scenes where we leave it to the professionals and people learn very valuable lessons, eh? :wink:
We already have License to Practice Medicine - which covers all non-emergency medicine, dentistry, optometry, cosmetics included. On field, there would be no competition, as ambulance companies are pretty much always run or authorised by the state/government IRL.
AnselmiX3 wrote:I reckon we should have some sort of medical bill and stop encouraging the synthesising of cash from thin air. The economy is already fucked and is presently getting worse. That's just one reason, next to the fact that it's realistic to be crippled by medical bills without insurance.
The "economy is fucked" in that many people possess millions upon millions and inflation is still going up. The fact that the money is being managed and removed is not necessarily a bad thing. However, we are dealing two opposite ends of the spectrum, the very rich and the very poor. Even for the very poor, you can get a rental care and go /fish and you can easily recoup any costs.

However, when you're dealing with the economy as a whole, to fix the big problems you've got to fix all the small ones. Everything has to be looked at, not just one area.


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