[Shotgun just disappear due getting Desynced]Devin York

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[Shotgun just disappear due getting Desynced]Devin York

Post by DevKyler » Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:56 pm

In-Game name: Devin York
Date and time of loss: 11/25/17
What happened: On this day my internet connection had some problems, so it makes me everytime get desynced. I did multiple times of logging in and out so till I'm not Desynced. Then When my net is back to Normal and i am IG I noticed im not carrying a shotgun anymore.

What and/or how much do you need refunded: It would be better if how much worth of the gun and bullets that i lost.
Evidence: Hmage Hmage
Other notes: This two Screenshots I only had Evidence for the Shotgun disappearance

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Re: [Shotgun just disappear due getting Desynced]Devin York

Post by Flemwad » Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:05 pm

Your refund request has been denied!

  • While this is a confirmed bug, there's issues with your refund request which led me to deny your claim. First, there's an hour gap between when both screenshots were made. Second, you were present for a paycheck because I can see your pay check money and hours increasing. There is not clear and convincing evidence that this gun was lost due to a bug, therefore your request is denied.
Do not bother the handling staff member after your refund request has been denied. If you think it is unjust, make a report to the Head of Forum Moderation.


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