[DRUGS] Leroy_Bates

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[DRUGS] Leroy_Bates

Post by hunk muffin » Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:52 am

In-Game name: Leroy Bates
Date and time of loss: like 5 mins ago.
What happened: A single customer just pulled up and asked me if I got anything for sell. He gave me money, so I went to get his stuff that was stashed in my car. I spawned my car and unlocked it when the customer went inside my whip and did /tad without any RP. When we called an admin he avoided the whole situation and said that I needed to make a refund request to get my drugs back, coz the one who snatched my drugs without no RP lost the drugs when he got killed by my IC mates for A ROBBERY.

What and/or how much do you need refunded: 20 pills of steroid
Other notes: nothing else

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Re: [DRUGS] Leroy_Bates

Post by Flemwad » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:03 pm

Your refund request has been denied!

  • No date and time in any of the screenshots which is a requirement. Also, you're lacking convincing evidence.
Do not bother the handling staff member after your refund request has been denied. If you think it is unjust, make a report to the Head of Forum Moderation.


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