[Huntley insurance 3] Alexander_Budeanu

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[Huntley insurance 3] Alexander_Budeanu

Post by hashtagelectro » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:36 pm

In-Game name: Alexander Budeanu
Date and time of loss: 30.10.2017 17:30
What happened: I don't remember exactly, but I might have parked my Huntley damaged and it was having Insurance level 3. I haven't spawned it for a long time and when I did, I saw that it says my insurance is not going to be active unless I fulfill the payment of 1360$, which proves again I haven't damaged it too much. I always pay my insurance but this time I just didn't look at the car for a long time. I would like to get my insurance refunded as the system says I should get it back after I pay it, but for some reason I did not. The insurance costs 90.000$.

What and/or how much do you need refunded: 90.000$ Or the Insurance Level 3 On my Huntley.
Evidence: https://imgur.com/TBN23Ph https://imgur.com/O1rDw96 https://imgur.com/Rx9qBpS
Other notes: I am willing to fulfill a Bug Report if the handling administrator will suggest me to do so.

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Re: [Huntley insurance 3] Alexander_Budeanu

Post by Elvira » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:20 pm

Your refund request has been denied!

  • When you lose your insurance due to failure to pay the fees, you have to rebuy it in full once again. Paying the owed fees makes you eligible to do so, but again it doesn't restore your original insurance. It's not a server bug.
Do not bother the handling staff member after your refund request has been denied. If you think it is unjust, make a report to the Head of Forum Moderation.
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