Refund Request Rules & Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)

Lost something due to a server rollback or bug? Post here to see if you are eligible for a refund.

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Forum rules

Before you post, you must have read and understood the Refund Request Rules & Guidelines topic.

Only those eligible for a refund will be able to post. If you do not meet the criteria required for a refund then please do not post. Doing so will cause your request to be denied and multiple requests will result in warnings placed upon your account.
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Refund Request Rules & Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)

Post by LS-RP » Sun May 26, 2013 9:36 am

Refund Request Rules & Guidelines

If you have lost something due to no fault of your own and have proof of this happening then this is the place to post a refund request. Please read ALL of the following very carefully to see if you are eligible for a refund. If you are not, then sorry but nothing can be done and you will just have to accept the fact that you have lost something. Do not post a refund request if you do not meet the criteria set out below. Doing so, whilst purposefully breaking the guidelines below, will cause your thread to be locked and a warning placed upon your account.

You MUST have evidence of your loss or we cannot accept your request. Logs can not and will not be checked.


You ARE allowed to post a refund request if you have lost items from either
  • Server crashes/rollbacks/lags.
  • Confirmed Bugs (Both LSRP & SAMP)
  • A Non-RP incident which followed by a confirmation of a game admin that a refund request can be processed. An admin must state that you are eligible for a refund, that can be proven via screenshot of an in-game PM from the admin with date and time, via reply of the game admin on the refund request, or via forum report with a clear approval of the game admin that a refund can be done.

Items that can be refunded:
  • Vehicle battery & engine tuneup/jump-start costs
  • Vehicle Mods (Base value will be refunded in cash for you to purchase again)
  • Weapons
  • Cash (Must be more than $10,000)
  • Bank Money
  • Job Ranks
  • Clothing (Base value will be refunded in cash for you to purchase again)

You ARE NOT allowed to post a refund request if you have lost items from either
  • Your own fault of misusing commands (eg. using savings, buying wrong vehicles, selling/buying houses etc)
  • Script-intentional features (eg. Being demoted after failing a mission or destroying a vehicle)

Items that cannot be refunded:
  • Job hours
  • Death Bills
  • Donator features (Head to Foco Support for help on this)
  • Unconfirmed bugs (post a bug report in the correct section first)

Post Format

If your situation falls into the GREEN category above then you may post a refund request. Please use the format given below. You MUST fill in each section and threads that do not follow the format or are posted without any evidence will be locked. Do not post your refund request in the PENDING section, threads are only moved in that section by staff members.

The topic title of the refund request should be as follows:

Code: Select all

[Asset] Firstname_Lastname

Code: Select all

[b]In-Game name:[/b] 
[b]Date and time of loss:[/b]
[b]What happened:[/b]

[b]What and/or how much do you need refunded:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b]

Click the spoiler for an example
Spoiler: show
[Bank Money] John_Smith wrote:In-Game name: John_Smith
Date and time of loss: 21/05/13 - 19:25 approximately.
What happened: There was a server crash which made my bank money reset to $-20.

What and or how much do you need refunded: My bank money which is $50,000
Evidence: [img]*Picture*[/img]
Other notes:

You MUST post screenshots to back up your refund request. Just having other players coming and "Confirming" is not enough. If you do not have any screenshots to prove what you had before and to prove that it is no longer there, then you cannot be refunded. Please also remember to include /servertime on your screenshot. This helps us to know when it was taken.

Screenshots MUST be unedited. Even if you are just cutting out the chatbox - don't. We need the entire screenshot in full please. Make sure they are large enough to be able to clearly read the text and use the [spoiler] tag if need be.

No other forms of evidence will be accepted, that includes chatlogs. In case you lost bank money, you are allowed to post a refund request even if you don't have any evidence. Loss of bank money is the only time staff members will check your logs, in any other form of refund we will not check the logs.

Admin confirmation
If you were given permission to make a refund request IG or on the forums, you are required to get the admin to confirm it by replying to the thread for you. This means that if you got a forum PM or IG screenshot PM from the admin, it will have to be confirmed by that specific admin. Do not attempt to post fradulent screenshots in this section because they will all be investigated and the proper punishment will be handed out.

Accepted/Denied - What happens next?

If your request has been accepted, then it will be sent to be processed. Some refunds can be done whilst you are offline and thus you will have your item refunded when you next login (For example, if you had $4000 cash and needed $6000 to be refunded, you would log in with $10,000 in hand). You do not have to be in-game for the refund to be processed.

If you have been denied, then please do not post another request. The member of staff handling your request will post the reason for denying it. In case you believe that your refund request has been wrongly denied, please contact Jakey. Make sure to include all necessary information in the message, such as the link to the refund request, and why you believe it was wrongly denied.

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Re: Refund Request Rules & Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)

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Re: Refund Request Rules & Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)

Post by .hack » Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:50 pm

The position of head of refunds is now obsolete. All questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the Head of Forum Mods/Testers/Admins.


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