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[LOCAL] False Hero - Man Lies about being Firefighter for Monetary Gain

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:01 am
by Elvira

False Hero - Man Lies about being Firefighter for Monetary Gain
By Darius Westbrook | January 12, 2018

The Los Santos Fire Department

Vincent Caridi is a thirty nine year old ex-firefigther who claimed to have been granted an honorable discharge after an unfortunate accident during his service that took his left arm. After hearing Vincent's story, the San Andreas Network decided to confirm the authenticity of the story with Nick Apps, the Deputy Commisioner of The Los Santos Fire Department.
"Never been an employee of the Los Santos Fire Department."
These were the exact words pronounced by the chief after a deep research on the registry of the Fire Department. Caridi allegedly used a fake horrific accident, and fake his service as a firefighter, to promote his restaurant.

The incident he recounted takes us back to July 23, 2013. It was one of the hottest days of the year and Vincent was on shift as part of the Hazard Divison of the Los Santos Fire Department. His job was to enter the flaming buildings and seek out any chemicals that could trigger a more violent reaction to the flames. On this terrible day, a fire in Temple had just started and he, alongside his team, had just been called to solve the issue and save the day once more. After minutes of searching the house, a ceiling collapsed right above Vincent. As a result of that, his arm got stuck in concrete. According to Caridi, in those moments you feel "an adrenaline rush" and "pain seems to cease to exist". He managed to grab his fireaxe and chop the part of the arm that was stuck, right from the elbow, he then left the building and passed out. At the hospital, treatment was not easy and they had to cut the rest of the arm.

Vincent Caridi posing with a fire engine.

Months after this gruesome incident Caridi was back on his feet and continued working for the Los Santos Fire Department, not as a member of the Hazard team, but as a "general" he said. "I had to keep tab on people, do some desk job, answer calls". For three years this was his job.

In 2016 his career as a firefighter reached an end and Caridi was then discharged with an "honorable discharge" I now quote Caridi "I didn't received a medal in the ceremony because I had already resigned before the monthly ceremony".
Caridi and his wife decided to focus on opening an Italian restaurant in Palomino Creek that will have it's opening by February 2017.

Does this mean Vincent was lying to San Andreas Network and attempted to gain fame from this? What did he really wanted? All we know is, if his food is as good as his stories, we'll have a good time eating it.


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Re: [LOCAL] False Hero - Man Lies about being Firefighter for Monetary Gain

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:16 am
by Neon Girl
COMMENT by AnonymousUSA
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Comment: Maybe have him arrested and have the government close down his business.