[CRIME] Mob Mentor: The David Ackermann Story

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[CRIME] Mob Mentor: The David Ackermann Story

Post by Elvira » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:39 am


Mob Mentor: The David Ackermann Story
By Nelson Shapiro | November 8, 2017

Pulling in to the sweeping driveway of a glamorous Las Venturas casino, I truly wondered why David Ackermann was prepared to give up on a life of glitz and glamour. As my car was taken by the valet, I entered the lobby of the hotel.
After a brief exchange with the receptionist, I was shown to a large suite. After knocking on the door, I heard movement from within the room. Soon, the usually energetic Ackermann appeared - now looking rather sombre and sedate.
This was my second time meeting him. The first occassion was in a rundown and comparatively third-world motel room - a stark contrast to where I'm meeting him now.

This is David Ackermann's exposé on the seedy criminal underworld of Los Santos.

When did you first get involved in a life of crime?

Oh, way back... Way way back. I was always screwing people out of money and managing businesses - A real Jack of all trades, I suppose. So this guy - Anthony Navarra-- yeah... he contacted me and made the proposition of running this nightclub on behalf of his ehm... "crew". That's Club Boulevard, by the way.

So, you were the legal, clean-looking front for all of Navarra's shady dealings?

You could say that, yeah. I mean, running the club went well - amazingly well. We earned a boatload of money. Navarra's right-hand guy - David Lorino AKA Rocky - he was involved in the club too. He was a nice guy, despite being a stone-cold killer.

I suppose it's fair to say that you lead quite a colourful life whilst involved in Navarra's crew?

Of course I did. When thing's were good, they were really good. But there was a time when I started questioning my loyalty - That's when they got me involved in some of the darker sides of the business. One time, I was ordered to drive Navarra and this other guy - I dunno who he was - to this house in the ghetto. Navarra told me to stay in the car as he and that guy went into the house. I heard a couple shots and the next thing you know-- Navarra's the only guy leaving that house. It proved to me just how easy it was for these guys to get rid of you, regardless of how close or valuable you /think/ you are.

Do you know of any criminal wrongdoings committed by Navarra?

I mean-- Yeah, I suppose so... I know that he was responsible for the fire at Ocean Docks. I'm not sure why he did that, my guess is because he wanted to try and persuade someone to hand over the Port Authority contract to one of his guys... Wait actually, he wanted me to run the Port for him if he got the contract.

What made you risk your life and speak out?

My conscience. It all got to me. That and the fact that I had an argument with some guy - Y'see, I'm a Jew so I can never be "made"... being made is the equivalent of being a fully inducted member of like... a club or something, y'know? Anyway, I can never be "made" as I'm Jewish and I had an argument with some guy who I didn't realise was made, threw coffee over him. I knew what had happened was irreparable after Navarra contacted me asking to meet up in some parking lot alone. You don't come back from a meeting like that.

Finally, what now for David Ackermann?

Disappear. Get the hell out of dodge. Never come back. Change my name. I dunno.


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Re: [CRIME] Mob Mentor: The David Ackermann Story

Post by SGary » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:03 pm

COMMENT by Deadperson101
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Comment: LMAO. Ain't no one hear of no fucking "Ackermann", fam I robbed Navarra twice each week, bitchass doesn't carry guns anymore.
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Re: [CRIME] Mob Mentor: The David Ackermann Story

Post by Hellzon » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:01 pm

COMMENT by SpoonLicence
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Comment: He literally thought he was getting killed over a cup of coffe and decided to snitch because of that? Mafia is a natural institution that forms when smart moves are made. Richard Kuklinski was a good example. Its like burning your Ferrari down when it has a engine problem. We have gangs for killing each other for verbal disputes. What a bad way to waste your life Mr.Ackermann.
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