[CRIME] SASD Hosts DUI Checkpoint

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[CRIME] SASD Hosts DUI Checkpoint

Post by Elvira » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:20 am


SASD Hosts DUI Checkpoint
By Manuela Torres | October 21, 2017

San Andreas Sheriff's Department Deputies holding a DUI checkpoint on October 16, 2017.

The San Andreas Sheriff's Department ran a DUI checkpoint in Flint County late on the 16th of October. The main objective for this checkpoint was to deter and halt drunk driving in the county, as well as passively enforce traffic and Title 11 violations. The checkpoint was strategically positioned on a straight road right next to the bar The Devil's Calderon. It was very obvious that they were looking to improve the safety of the public. Undersheriff Poldilotta made a statement on the matter, remarking that, "This checkpoint is to keep drunk drivers off the road and to put them behind bars. Simple."

Questions were also asked about the rights of those stopped. You are required to answer their questions as per Michigan State Police versus Sitz, but you are not required to show them your ID, unless you give them reasonable cause to believe that you are impaired or intoxicated. Undersheriff Poldilotta also made a statement about the location, as there were multiple exits to the bar. He was asked as to why they picked the location they did. and in response he stated, "This spot is a nice, flat straight stretch. That's the safest for our deputies and for the general public. As you can see, my deputies are out in reflective vests on the road."

No specific statistics were available at the time, but it was obvious that they were out in force, and enforcing driving sober.


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