[POLITICS] Vince Perez Running for Senate

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[POLITICS] Vince Perez Running for Senate

Post by Elvira » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:58 pm


Vince Perez Running for Senate
By Danica Carnes | August 30, 2017

Vince Perez posing infront of an American Flag.

Vince Perez is one of the candidates running for senate. He is a member of San Andreas Democratic Party. Prior to his run for Senate, Perez was one of Governor Rauner's advisers, and as a political consultant for both Republicans and Democrats. He states that he decided to run for Senate because of the deteriorating conditions in the South Side of Los Santos. He claims to be driven by a sense of duty to help better the residents of that area's living conditions. Perez himself grew up in this area, giving him a first hand look at what life there is like.

Perez's main goal, if elected as Senator, is to help prevent the spread of crime by improving Los Santos' education system. Along with this, he hopes to improve citizen's access to health care, and the city's infrastructure by introducing an affordable housing bill. In terms of government reform, Perez wants to make sure that the executive body does not become too powerful. He is concerned about this even more so now due to the municipal governments removal.

Perez feels that what separates him from the competition is his drive to help the people, and not just be what he deems a 'talking head'. This is a sentiment many past political candidates in San Andreas have expressed, from Allegra Nixon to Frank Vaughn. He stated that his whole life has been composed of working to better people's lives, however, as explored above, most if not all of his work experience (at least what he has disclosed thus far) has been in advising politicians. Perez has yet to discuss the track record the politician's he provided advise to hold, or their names specifically (other than Governor Rauner who has not been in office long). As the elections unfold we will keep you updated on Perez's agenda.


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