[POLITICS] Senator Moreno Plans Harsher Penalties for Sex Offenders

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[POLITICS] Senator Moreno Plans Harsher Penalties for Sex Offenders

Post by BillyM » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:37 am


Senator Moreno Plans Harsher Penalties for Sex Offenders
By Billy Manson | December 3, 2017


Senator Charles Moreno made his maiden speech yesterday on the floor of the State Senate, Los Santos Pershing Square, after recently being elected to represent the First District.

The former Assistant Attorney General, who oversaw the administration within the Department of Justice, previously maintained a low profile after the sudden shut down of the Department for Special Services (DSS), following an Executive Order which was issued by the then Governor Larry Rauner. It is said Senator Moreno relieved DSS employees at the time of the Executive Order and they were later terminated during a Supreme Court Case.

Senator Charles Moreno, who is a member of the Democrats, gave a speech after Senator Frank Underhill and highlighted his pride for the First District and also raised the importance of the State Senate. "For many years, we have witnessed some great things take place in these chambers. From life changing legislation, to extending the liberty and freedom of our citizens and voting in laws which have formed a better life for many amongst the communities we represent. These are all moments that remind us of how important this Senate is, and not only to us but the people. Because that is who truly matters. And I use this to remind my esteemed colleagues that it is important for us to continue our efforts in ensuring these chambers are serving the benefits they are bound for."

It also appeared that Senator Moreno attempted to establish mutual grounds with the minority Republican party, a different approach in comparison to previous Democrat politicians. "It doesn't matter what party we choose. What color our tie is, or what values we disagree over. What matters is what we do agree upon and that is ensuring the people of San Andreas can lead a happy, free and prosperous life" Senator Moreno satated.

Over recent months, the State Senate of San Andreas has been in an internal crisis, with Senators resigning from both sides of the chambers. The Lieutenant Governor recently addressed this issue and attempted to drive the government body forward, by reminding them of their duties. It is echoed in Moreno's message that there is a need of not only unity but also, dialogue and progress.

The Office of Senator Charles Moreno has confirmed that there are plans to introduce legislation that would impose harsher penalties on sex offenders, such as a publicly available registry. This comes following the recent landmark ruling that notorious paedophile Ellson Loomsmith should be permanently restrained from minors. What do you think of this idea and what are your current thoughts on the State Senate? Comment below!


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Re: [POLITICS] Senator Moreno Plans Harsher Penalties for Sex Offenders

Post by Sidar » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:47 pm

COMMENT by M. Granville
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Comment: This legislation is a vital step forward, especially considering the fact that every other state has a sex offender registry already. Props to Senator Moreno for taking his job seriously.
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Re: [POLITICS] Senator Moreno Plans Harsher Penalties for Sex Offenders

Post by Chanel » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:01 am

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Comment: Thank god, this was needed 10 years ago when I was raped.

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Re: [POLITICS] Senator Moreno Plans Harsher Penalties for Sex Offenders

Post by knppel_alt » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:43 am

COMMENT by Insider
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Comment: Mason commenting on the act? Surprised, he was not even there. Possible source Patriot News?

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