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Rules & Guidelines

Post by tw1ster » Mon May 09, 2016 4:03 am

This section is meant for you to creatively express your media, whether it be for your character development, the preface to a faction being made and or for faction-related content to be shared on another medium outside of a Factions Forum thread. This is not a place for you to advocate and post DM montages with low-key sneak dissing elements towards other factions and if you do so from this post on-wards, your post will be removed, your faction will be reported to Faction Management and you will be forum warned on the first offense.

If you and or your faction continues to post videos of DM montages and or low-key sneak disses of other factions further action will be taken on the individual and the faction involved to the extent of a ban and or a faction shutdown. There is no place for strictly death-screen threads and videos of massacres, this is a play to showcase role-play and will remain that way under strict moderation.
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