Department of Public Works Ordinance

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Department of Public Works Ordinance

Post by Warmonkey » Wed May 14, 2014 3:24 pm

Department of Public Works Ordinance

Author: Kenneth Harrison, J.D.



An Ordinance to establish a public works agency and regulate its duties, powers and functions.


    Section 1. Definitions.

      “Contracts” refers to any lawful agreement between the City of Los Santos and another entity or entities.

      “City” refers to the City of Los Santos.

      “Department” refers to the Department of Public Works as established by Section 2 of this Ordinance.

      “Director” refers to the Director of Public Works as established by Section 3 of this Ordinance.

      “Local licensing authority” refers to any institution established by policy or law to execute and oversee general licensing within Los Santos.

      “Mayor” refers to the Mayor of Los Santos.

      "(this) Ordinance" refers to this Department of Public Works Ordinance

    Sec. 2. Department of Public Works.

    • (A) There is hereby established a local executive department to be known as the Department of Public Works, led by the Director of Public Works.
    • (B) The Department is to be administered in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, under the direction of the Director and the supervision of the Mayor.

    Sec.3. Director of Public Works.

    • (A) The Director of Public Works is the chief administrative officer of the Department and has full charge and control of all functions of the Department.
    • (B) The Director is authorized to establish, alter, consolidate or discontinue any subsidiary within the Department as he may deem to be necessary or appropriate. This authority will not extend to subsidiaries or components of the Department established by law.
    • (C) The Director is authorized to prescribe procedural and administrative rules and regulations as he may deem necessary or appropriate to administer and manage the functions vested in him.
    • (D) Appointment - The Director is appointed by the Mayor, subject to all other applicable law.
    • (E) Removal - The Director may be removed by the Mayor, subject to all other applicable law.
    • (F) General functions
      The Director will –
      • (i) Have full charge and control over the functions of the Department;
      • (ii) Administrate the Department’s affairs;
      • (iii) Manage the Department’s human resources;
      • (iv) Issue instructions to employees in the exercise of their duties; and
      • (v) Exercise any further functions or duties as vested in him by law.
    • (G) Specific functions
      The Director will –
      • (i) Prepare all proposed zoning and other land use regulations and requirements, including maps of all proposed districts or zones;
      • (ii) Investigate and act on the design and improvement of all proposed subdivisions of land;
      • (iii) Administer contracts;
      • (iv) Supervise and manage construction and maintenance work;
      • (v) Approve those public works contracts within the authority delegated to him by ordinance;
      • (vi) Grant street encroachment and other permits necessary for the temporary use of City rights of way;
      • (vii) Oversee the functions of departmental accounting and management-employee services including any bureaus charged with performing those functions, and issue instructions to, appoint, discharge, suspend and transfer the employees that perform those functions; and
      • (viii) File with the Mayor a written report on the work of the department on a regular basis as requested by the Mayor.

    Sec. 4. Departmental functions and duties.

    The Department has the following functions and duties –

    • (A) Design, construct, excavate and maintain streets and public works improvements including but not limited to bridges, public parkways and rights of way, sanitary sewers and storm drains, water and sewer treatment facilities, landfills and public rights of way lighting facilities owned by the City;
    • (B) Design and construct public buildings belonging to the City;
    • (C) Dispose of solid waste;
    • (D) Oversee and manage the local licensing authority and its functions; and
    • (E) Exercise any further functions or duties as established by law.

      I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance was passed by the Council of the City of Los Santos, at its meeting of 26 April, 2014.

        LAOS MASON, City Clerk

        By ___Laos Mason_____
        City Clerk

          Approved 26 April, 2014

            By _Jonathan Schrader__
            Kenneth Harrison, Esq.
            Assistant State Clerk
            San Andreas State Legislature
            Hon. Thomas Spencer
            Associate Justice (Civil Division)
            Superior Court of San Andreas
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