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Flynn Crawford
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Flynn Crawford! (New)

Post by Flynn Crawford » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:26 pm

Hello everyone, I'm new to this server and would like to tell you something about myself.
Therefore I've just listed up some real life information below.

- Name: Flynn Crawford.
- P.O.B: Sheffield, United Kingdom.
- Current Nation: The Netherlands.
- Current Town: Groningen.
- Date of Birth: 10-10-1995.
- Real-Life job: Truck Driver and Entertainer.
- Hobbies: Trucks, Extreme Sports, Geography, Sketching, Gaming.
- Gender: Male.

Hello everyone, my name is Flynn Crawford.
I was born on 10-10-1995 in a house located at Sheffield, which is a town located in the province Chesterfield in the United Kingdom.
I've lived in the United Kingdom untill I turned 8 years old. My parents decided to move to the Netherlands because a lot of my family lives here.
This was a very heavy time for me, because I didn't know the Dutch language at all. However after living a couple of months here it was great.
I've finished my study and started with working as truck driver for Bidfood, which is a wholesale for restaurants located in the city Groningen.
Untill now I still work for the Bidfood in Groningen. Even at the moment I'm working in the weekend for a entertainment business in Tolbert.
I'd like to exercise extreme sports like wingsuit, freerunning, motorcross and street racing, this is just because I'd love the kick you get of it.
Further I'd like sketching, just because I seem to be good with it. And even sometimes get paid for sketching something for some peoples.
About gaming and geography, well its just some interest. I just like it without any explanation why I'd like it.

Nice to meet you all.

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